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Tommy asks,

Actually I have this patch of dark skin around my mouth. it starts from the corners of my nose and covers all of my chin.I had bought a foundation for my self which i put without concealing(because I dont have a good concealer till now) and it looked horrible on my chin.. so so fake and made up…(I like natural looks)

Is that because of tanning? can you give me some remedy for it ?

Also, I was thinking about going to MAC. I wanted their studio finish concealer which i have heard is opaque..but also drying..I am scared because have dryness in that area but any other concealer is unable to conceal that much pigmentation..(it is about 2-3 shades darker than the skin on my cheeks and forehead.)

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  1. Same problem with me dear…..pigmentation around mouth and cheeks along the jawline.
    I am using MAC select cover-up for my pigmentation….and it does the job very nicely…you can try MAC color corrector before the concealer….works like magic for me. :waytogo:
    I wanted to do a review on this….but totally forgot :))

    1. hey jinal
      is select cover up moisturising?
      and i havent heard about mac’s color corrctr….. it wud b really nyc if u do a review!

  2. I myself have never used concealers/ foundations……use mineral foundation only. After a bout of typhoid last month, I have developed horribel dark circles. I bought the Blossom Kocher almond eye cream but then I do need a good concealer. I would be really grateful if someone could recommend something good for my oily skin!!!!

  3. HIi Tommy,I dont know how to conceal pigmentation.But why dont you try fairness creams to remove them altogether?Whether fairness creams work or no is a long debate,but many people do claim that at least it removes pigmentation.
    DRy skin ,no probs,but if you have oily skin ,try using some fairness cream atleast during the night.
    Hope this helps…

  4. Hm, it depends on whether you have oily skin or dry skin. MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 concealer is a nice creamy concealer that will work well. I have combination skin and I used this for years. You’ll have to combine it with a good foundation for it to last for like a day at work, etc. MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 might look oily if you have very oily skin. I’ve also used Select Cover-up which is in liquid form so you can blend it well into your foundation. If you have dry skin is Studio Sculpt Concealer – this comes in a jar about the size of a paint pot. It’s quite a lot of product and it’s like a cream so it’s very moisturizing. This didn’t work very well for me because of my combination skin but it might work better for people with dry skin.

    You don’t really have to use MAC – you can always try another brand like Clinique’s foundations or something similar. Also try to apply sunscreen and gently exfoliate (don’t use rough granules) the area around your mouth. If you don’t want to exfoliate, apply a yoghurt mask – yoghurt is kind of like a chemical exfoliant I hear. One more thing to check is your toothpaste – did you change it recently? Some toothpaste can cause discoloration around the mouth area.

        1. You could – maybe with a tinted moisturizer? Otherwise you’d have to do some major blending 🙂 .. or use some finishing powder or something similar.

  5. Hey Tommy,pigmentation around your mouth could also be genetic or at times it is caused due to hormonal imbalance .
    I have the same problem……….when i don’t moisturize my face it is more prominent… make sure to moisturize your skin very well. Also use a very good sunscreen.
    I use mac concealer and it takes care of the pigmentation.
    Also if your foundation is lighter than your skin color it will make the pigmented areas appear greyish or greenish. So go to a Mac store and get something closest to your skin tone and color as they have the widest range of foundation shades available in India.

    Sorry for the long reply 🙁

  6. i have seen the ad for ‘Sheer Cover’ many a time on TV. I think it’s about Rs 2995/-. Quite expensive but i have read it does do a good job.

    here are some details

    been tempted many a time to buy it myself. if anyone has used it wud love some feedback.

  7. concealers are used based on colour theory,if ur fair skinned you can go for peachy toned concealer for dark areas and if ur dusky you should go for a salmon colored or a pink concealer and if u want to conceal other discolourations like redness use a green concealer,lavender concealer for dull skin,yellow for grenish blue discolourations for eg dark circles and lastly orange concealr for greyish bluish dark areas. just need to figur out wat color is ur discolouration,dab on the concealer,and cover th area up with ur usual foundation and fix with the face powder u use..voila really works trusts me.go to a mac store and ask th artist to help u out in knowing the type of discoloration and they hv all the kinds of concealers..good luck…:) :clap:

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