Do You Put Concealer On Before or After Foundation?



Do you put concealer on before or after foundation?

Concealer is a very important part of your makeup. All of us have minor flaws on our skin and thus you need to conceal them time and again. It can be dark circles, redness, acne, cysts or any other discoloration on your skin. But you must understand that concealer and foundation are not replaceable. Both of them need to be used properly to show best effects on your skin.
But you need to know the order of using both foundation and concealer. Thus, let’s have a look at how to put concealer, whether you need to put concealer on before or after foundation. Let’s first begin by understanding what is the job of a concealer and a foundation. Concealer is meant to conceal flaws on your skin whereas foundation acts as a base or actually the foundation of your makeup.

Put Concealer On Before or After Foundation

Concealer or Foundation First?

There are many makeup experts who will say that foundation should be used before concealer or vice versa. But most of the people suggest that a foundation should be used before a concealer. And we will tell you why –
1. We know that concealer is for concealing and foundation provides the base for your makeup. Thus, in order to cover any flaws or blemishes on your skin, you must use foundation first. Foundation should be able to do the maximum cover up for you. After that if you still have some problematic areas, then concealer can be used. Thus, concealer will be used to provide extra concealing or coverage on your skin.
2. If you use concealer before foundation, then you will see that the concealer begins to shift or concealer begins to wear off. And you will have to apply extra efforts to again blend your concealer. Thus, in order to make your blending process easier foundation must be used before concealer.
3. Concealer is an advanced makeup product and thus it’s use should be in limited quantity. Foundation will do the job of maximum concealing for you and thus eliminating the use of concealer mostly.

Final Verdict

You must use foundation before concealer. Using a light layer of foundation before concealer will open up the areas where you need to use concealer. This will also help you to determine do you actually need to use concealer or not.

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