Concealer Suggestions for Dark Circles: Ask IMBB

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Fouzia asks:


I have very dark under eye circles. Please suggest a good concealer for me. L’Oreal or MAC , I’m confused! I don’t use foundation as my skin is clear. I use lot of eye makeup and lipsticks. That’s it!

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8 thoughts on “Concealer Suggestions for Dark Circles: Ask IMBB

  1. I’ve wasted a lot of money on these trashy drugstore concealers and I think MAC makes the best concealers out there. Otherwise bobbi brown is good too. 😀

  2. fouzia i think before applying concealer you need a color corrector….you must use orange color corrector which is used to cut the darkness and after that you can apply concealor that matches your color corrector is available in brand ‘krylon’ and ‘stars’.
    i will be writing review on orange color corrector very soon in my blog.:)

  3. After trying umpteen concealers, (lakme, garnier, colorbar etc) i finally went to MAC. I was told that I need to buy a concealer a shade darker but it so turned out that the same shade as my face suits me. I tried a couple of concealers before I bought select moisture cover. I also use a orange corrector as I have real dark circles. It hardly takes me 3 mins for me to get my concealer application completed. It may not be 100% but this helps me cover 95% of my circles which is good enough for me. by the way I have a warm skin tone and have a normal-dry skin.

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