Confessions of a Serial Dieter

confessions of a serial dieter

I am not a huge fan of self-help books. It’s only once in a while that I pick up such books. 90 percent of the time I just leave them midway. I picked up ‘Confessions of a Serial Dieter’ on one of my regular trip to Crosswords. I had no book in my mind so I thought I’d give this one a read. This has been such a hyped book. And the more hyped a book is, the less I want to read it .


I loveed the book. It is not a gyaan on what you should eat and what you should not. It’s Kalli’s ‘honest’ weight loss memoir from being 100 kgs to the super fit 56-57. She has already done some 43 diets and is still on a diet. πŸ˜› It’s kinda funny at places but at one point of time I got a bit depressed reading her weight loss story. I got depressed because my own scale is not moving down by grams and she was talking about losing 5 kgs in 21 days. So you know..

Why I loved this book was more because I have been quite a dieter myself. I have been a cute chubby kid all my life. But during the growing up years being chubby is no fun. Plus if you have a super cook mom it does not help either. πŸ˜› My mom would cook gajar ka halwa and rather than worrying about how much was in my huge bowl, I was more worried about how much was left in the kadai. My mom would warn me against my weight gain and I would ask her to stop being such an awesome cook.Β Β There came a time where I wanted to wear short skirts. My momΒ literallyΒ told me that my calf was the size of my thigh so I couldn’t wear short skirts.:| Β That hit my ego in a big way. After I finished high school, I did every possible thing to lose weight – crash dietings (living on water melons the whole day [my adorable dad wouldn’t let the stock of watermelons finish in our fridge],Β survivingΒ on chanas and apples for weeks) etc , yoga, badminton , jhadoo-pohca. I lost 12 kgs thenΒ . What I got in return – lots of stretch marks, super hot body and hormonal imbalance.

After that my weight kept fluctuating for years- Hostel food, junk food (Mc Donalds became the mummy papa of food), no one to judge. Β Then I started dating someone and I wanted to lose weight for him. Rescue – dieting and no exercise. What I gained – sunken cheeks, weight loss at different places and a little more attention from the boyfriend. Later I broke up with him and gained more weight. Depression and stress eating, you see. πŸ˜›

Then came Sanjeev. πŸ˜› He loved me the way I was. I wasn’t too chubby when I met him but on my wedding day, I was my fattest best. He still married me and never asked me lose an inch. (Honey, I love you. :D)

Anyway, it was only last year that I started taking fitness very seriously. One because I loved clothes and second, we lead a very stressful and busy life. I needed to be active and fit to cope with the stress.

Somethings that I agree on what Kalli said in her book. I am sharing some of my personal experiences with all of you.

A supportive someone : When you are in a process of losing weight, you need someone who would push you and keep you going. It could be a friend, husband or a your own mom. If you are about to eat something from the food heaven, STOP. You have been all disciplined and good about your work outs and foods, that one slice of oreo choc cake would show on your body. Don’t eat it. And if you still cant resist, eat a very small potion of it. Or keep a cheat day in a week for yourself. Indulge then.

Detach yourself from food : I have been such a food shows addict. I love everyone from George, Gary to Nigella and Joey Mathew. But when I see Joey making the perfect pavlova, I want to have that chewy crispy sugary goodness. And when I see Nigella explaining the gooey yummy chocolate cupcake, I would want to run to Maxims and grab one for myself. So I stopped. I stopped watching every single cooking show. It gives wrong signals to my brain and then I can’t resist myself. With all due respect, it is their profession. Who wants to see them showing oats pancakes or crunchy salads. Until they show how heavenly food could be, no one would be interested in watching them or reading their books. As Kalli mentioned,’ Fat is yummy’ . πŸ˜€ Eat to live and not otherwise. I am pretty happy watching some of my evil friends instagram photos but that’s about it. πŸ˜›

Destock your Pantry : Honestly, if I haveΒ chocolate, sugar cubes, a variety of cheese or cookies in my kitchen, I have to have them. And you know when you have them lying in your closet, you do want to do justice to the yummy goodness. Don’t you? πŸ˜› So keep your pantry lean and healthy and you wouldn’t have less excuses on cheating.

Keep a watch while eating out:Β You all know how much I love eating out. But when I am eating my sizzlers, I would skip most of the rice and potatoes on the plate. I would NOT have Indian food outside Β (except sarso da saag te makki di roti :P). It’s loaded with butter, ghee and a ton of masalas. Look for italian or mexican options. Ask the chef if he could change the pasta to whole wheat pasta or if he could reduce the sugar in your shake.

Never forget to read posts on fitness.makeupandbeauty.comΒ πŸ™‚

After reading the book I got a little inspired to write this post. I know a lot of you are already working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Hope this posts help you in some way. Keep it up! πŸ™‚ And do read the book. It’s quite awesome. πŸ™‚ You can buy it HEREΒ 

confessions of a serial dieter kalli purie

I have not been paid to write this book’s review. I bought it myself.

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82 thoughts on “Confessions of a Serial Dieter

  1. Awww, Rati! Such a heartwarming story <3 πŸ™‚ I've been a yo-yo dieter all my life, too so your review rings very close to home… you're lucky to have someone so supportive and loving in your life, but you already know that πŸ˜›
    Also, dude keep doing whatever you're doing, you're looking fit and amazing lately!
    P.S. I saw Kalli's before and after pictures and her transformation is amazing. Very inspiring!

    1. Thanks devie. Her book touched my heart. This was somewhat my story written in that book. πŸ˜›

      Thankoooo. :))

      yeah her before and after pics are just awesome. :))

  2. Loved reading the post Rati :)…same happens with me on the halwa…in addition to the kadai,I will look into my siblings’ bowls as well πŸ˜€
    I’ve never been into dieting…it wasn’t needed much.But I always wanted to continue my Yoga and workouts…which I fail to do miserably..

  3. i totally agree with you rati di about the weight gain due to hostel food and junk food. the reason for my weight gain is dominos. πŸ˜› then my exams and i gained weight by sitting the entire day. now, i am at home n i eat alot due to my greed of ghar ka khana. πŸ˜› will need to work out as soon as my holidays end n i go back to hostel. your post is really very inspiring. thanks rati di πŸ™‚

  4. OMG Rati…..I loved it through….I read it again….you write so well :* :* I would love it if you write on IMBB daily and yes update fauxpi on an hourly basis…….:*

    1. Actually, my story is quite opposite. I was thin throughout, up until my pregnancy. My mom used to do all sort of planning and plotting to chubby me up. At one point, she used to give me half boiled egg twice a day because someone told her that would do the trick. During college, all the scents and smells in the chemistry and biology labs took a toll on me, and I used to rarely eat for the rest of the day. Its a struggle to get back into the pre-pregnancy frame, but I will get my desired weight one day, IMBB ki kasam πŸ˜›

        1. Jomo.. My story is so similar to yours! I was skinny uptil my marriage. So much so that my mum asked a vendor to deliver a glass of mausambi juice at my home every single day at the time I was getting married.

          Reached andamans, stayed in guest house for 6 months and gained kilos. Then came Pahal. She gave tens of extra kilos. And now came motivation to lose weight. πŸ˜›

          Have lost 2 kgs in last 1 month but thats it!!! Weighing needle refuses to go to the left anymore! πŸ™

          1. He he Surabhi, same pinch…..I have started walking and going 4 flights of stairs 8 times each day, 4 times in the morning and 4 times in the evening, but I feel super hungry after that πŸ™‚

              1. Haan Sanjeevji Ejjactly…..afternoon ka khana peena sab kiraye walon ke ghar par….tim timtidim πŸ˜› Main neeche apne ghar jaati hi nahin

  5. Aww.. loved and smiled throughout ur post.. πŸ™‚ such heart warming confession dear! My story runs in reverse gear though.. πŸ˜› i was so lean n thin 45 kg till wedding, and i celebrated my 2nd anniversary wid 65 kgs.. πŸ˜› ur post revives my dieting resolution.. πŸ™‚ Definitely going to read this book!!

  6. just yesterday only i was discussing with hubby to find a good book place or librabry neary by coz i hardly see any english books here πŸ™ all the points mentioned r so true but my pantry is always empty on choc n sweets but yeah always full in terms of ice cream..just looooove to stop now..:(

    1. parita all these fatty things in stock never help. If you have them at home, it is easier to eat them. but if you have to walk a while to pick the stuff up, 8/10 times you would just give up the idea.

      oh err… no english books. :(( you seriously need to find one.

  7. Aww Rati I can feel your emotions as I am also going through the same stage. I loved the way u have written your heart out πŸ™‚ I wish I can loose atleast 5kgs πŸ™ But your post have boost my confidence and I will give me 30 mins to exercise (as I work from 10-8) and stay away from junk foods :'(

    Keep sharing! πŸ™‚

  8. inspired!!! i so am gonna take this seriously now…the thing that really struck me was being fit to keep up with the active & stressed life…i never thought of it like that…i’m ok-ok in terms of figure, just my luv-handles & tummy bother me loads..i do avoid rice & junk as much as i a healthy breakfast, include fruits in my diet etc…but wat m not serious about is working out strictly..& lately i have been so tired!! i come home & i have strength to do nothing! i was thinkin wat is wrong with me, now i know it’s coz my body needs to b pushed into getting used to being active..! great post..loved the way u wrote this, couldn’t stop smilin & said “awww” at multiple places πŸ™‚ i avoid fitness blog of imbb coz i know i’ll b dead guilty if i read it but now i will make myself not b so lazy about it!

    1. yeah it does nafisa. initially you feel tired because of the work out but then the work out becomes a stress buster. start going for walks to do the least. :))

      thank you and don’t avoid the fitness blog at all. you’d feel guilty only then you’d start doing good to yourself. mwwwahhh and good luck! πŸ™‚

  9. I used to be underweight for years. now i have start gaining weight πŸ™ & it feels like breathing also increase kgs lol.I love clothes & I want to shed down a bit but no body is encouraging me to do so as everybody liking me chubby look. Now I have to control my diet & stop watching any cookery shows πŸ™
    Like your post Rati πŸ™‚

  10. That sounds a nice read..the prob at my home is my brother and all do like to have their share of sweets,cakes, cookies n its always there..cant stop them..and then I feel like having a lil too :/

    1. I know bhumika. If it is there you want to have it. that is why I keep myself away from all that. you can have gur and all. It’s better than sugar loaded cakes and candies. and it takes care of sweet tooth. πŸ™‚

  11. Same story …. Mom makes delicious food and says ” kha le beta , yehi din hai khaneke” :(. I’ve hired dietitian but all my efforts go in vain πŸ™ .

  12. Ahwwww…. i myself enjoyed reading this book….. Rati i can totally relate to what you have written – Have gone exactly through the same phase as yours – now after marriage have piled up tons of weight – may be i m being an emotional eater or my hormones are not staying in contol – god knows… dammm –

    BTW being bought up in punju family no matter how chubby you are – all mumma’s and granny’s will always find you are under weight… hahaha !!! i remember once my aunt said me ” kitni sukh gai hai ” i went inside my room looked into the mirror and started laughing insanely thinking ke aunty ke chasme ke no. badh gaye lagta hai… πŸ˜› hahahaa

  13. U write from your heart rati and thats why it touches the heart of IMBB readers. love you and be like this hamesha slim and beautiful. I also wanna lose weight and struggling for it since months pheww

  14. you write so well Rati…and i can totally relate to your life story,mine is a similar one.
    i have recently started paying attention to my diet and fitness…all thanks to IMBB really.and it has started showing results already,i am getting compliments on my looks for the 1st time in my life(coz if you are fat,nobody notices that you have nice eyes,you see,you are just the fat girl,thats it),and i owe all of that to you and your team,actually…cant thank you enough πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  15. Hey rati wat a wonderful post..luved ur story …it’s so relatable and looking at u now I get so inspired ..even I love to dress..wanna look slim now…and read about Sanjeev is sooo sweet.. U both r surely a wonderful couple

  16. OMG!! I love this book. My heart goes out to Kallie. I have re-read this so many times!!
    I loved reading ur story Rati… I think u seriously look hot, fit n toned now!! But to be honest, I have always felt u looked cute even when u were slightly chubby as well. πŸ™‚
    I always think that only someone who has gone through weight issues can understand another’s mind, what we think/feel when we put on weight, etc. Bcoz it is such an emotional journey.
    U have read my story na Rati.. Now I feel, no matter how much weight I lose, I’ll always be a fat girl at heart.. I STILL think twice before picking up that fitted top or skimpy clothes.. πŸ˜€

  17. rati di your story is very nice to read…i guess you apart from being makeup-aholic is also a book-aholic…can you tell me some good love story you have read?? from indian or a foreign author anyone…i have this huge craze to read love stories

  18. this was thefirst book which motivated me a lot towards weight loss, before reading this book i used to go on bland diets , used to get bore and was back to binging .
    and by the way maam you review books as nicely as you review cosmetics so please review some more books in detail.

  19. hi rati…u know when i was reading this book, i used to laugh out loud every other minute! and mom used to look at me and smile πŸ™‚
    this is one of the best books i have read in recent years. makes me believe tht love can wonders in ur life πŸ™‚ the love of ur husband/boyfriend, mom, dad, sister, children… without their support, its really difficult ro lose weight happily!

    1. i know this book is quite funny but what’s the best part about it is that it’s honest. :))

      jojo, i review books only on my personal blog Faux Pas : Since this was a concern that was related to health and women, I decided to post it here. You may check that. I have reviewed a few books there. πŸ™‚

  20. imbb never lets us put down our fitness resolves. but these winter times are so testing! even if i hit the gym at 10 instead of 5 i am not able to get the same drive to doi the workout! posts such as these will keep me going for a week! and of course I have misfit cokming to my rescure every now and then!

  21. Kalli was our client in my previous organization (we were designing their office). Her dedication to her diet is amazing!

    She said she survived on nariyal pani for weeks. Ofcourse that isnt for everyone but i can never imagine doing that!

  22. This post is talking to me on so many levels…. honestly, other than M there’s never been any support for me… even this time while I was in India my 75% of the time went in depression because of all the taunts I was getting . even though I look the same for the past 4 yrs πŸ™
    I’m getting back to the gym :)… also, I want this book. πŸ™‚

  23. First of all Thank you Rati for putting up the post here.. it means a lot to all women and its quite an inspiration for someone like me who gets to hear in one way or the other for short height, dark complexion and the extra weight is an added baggage.
    Will certainly look for the book, who knows my life might also change

  24. Aww so sweet this one – “My mom would cook gajar ka halwa and rather than worrying about how much was in my huge bowl, I was more worried about how much was left in the kadai. ” This is a very accurate and helpful post.

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