Constanta Superior Hair Tonic Essence Review

Hello my IMBB buddies,
After my Exam, I am much relaxed and have much time this month to look forward and think about myself and of course indulge in certain things that make me happy. :jiggy1: One of those things, these days is visiting IMBB site at least 20 times a day, reading reviews, writing comments and stuff. :toothygrin: Today I am writing a review on a FORENWA product- Constanta Superior Hair Tonic Essence. :yelo: More information about this company and product can be obtained from:
constanta hair tonic essence
Price- Rs 375 for 125 ml.

What the company says about Constanta Superior Hair Tonic Essence:/

– Strengthen the hair’s root.
– Relieves the feeling of head itching.
– Reduces the hair fall.
– Maintains the hair to be healthy, black, and silky.
constanta superior hair tonic




– Ginseng is a famous plant for a long time. It has important essences, which are powder, resin and steroid. For example Betacitosteroid, Amino Acid, Fragrance, Vitamin B1, 2, 5, 12, Biotin, and Folic acid. Leaves the hair to be healthy and enriches the working of scalp effectively.
– D-Panthenol prevents the hair from dryness. Repairs the dried hair caused by heat. Nourishes the hair and makes them black and silky. Maintains the hair feeling moist without dandruff.
– Camomile Extract controls the oil under the scalp and reduces the infection of the scalp.
– Bio sulphur increases blood circulation, prevents dandruff formation and relieves scalp from itchiness.
-Allantoin is used as an antioxidant in hair dye. Shampoo containing allantoin can prevent hair from furcating, and make hair softer, smoother, more flexible, blacker and shinier.

My Experience:

I love scalp massages a lot, it induces sound sleep, stimulates blood circulation and aids in hair growth. I regularly massage my hair with a hair vitalizer, almost each night. It feels heavenly. I use Biotique Mountain Ebony hair vitalizer, which is pretty good .I went to a shop to buy one of the Biotique ones some months back, instead returned back with the Constanta superior hair tonic essence fluid. I was smitten by its packaging and the label which mentioned MADE IN GERMANY. :yelo: The SA praised about this product like anything. I thought why not to use an imported product for a while as I deserve some luxury too :dance: .I always have had the notion that imported products are better than our indigenous ones. My notion took a full 180 degree turn within one month of usage. 😯 Though it gave volume and bounce to my hair, its fragrance was magical and had cooling effect, after few days my hair was extremely dry and looked exactly like ‘ Chidiya ka Ghonsla’ 😆 It tangled my hair and it was damn messy. Everything got into place, once I stopped using it. Now I just use it as a perfume. :yelo:

The hair tonic has a watery sort of consistency.

Pros of Constanta Superior Hair Tonic Essence

1-Contains Ginseng extract, D-Panthenol, Camomile extract, Bio sulfure for maintaining the flexibility and moisture of hair.
2- Attractive packaging, this is the reason why I was duped. 😥
3-Magical fragrance, I loved it a lot.
4- Gives a voluminous look to your hair.
5-Absorbs into the scalp within seconds, its non oily.
6-Can be used as a perfume (He He He) 😆
7-It feels really cool on scalp.

Cons of Constanta Superior Hair Tonic Essence

1-Tangles hair like anything. Hair looks extremely messy. (As if you didn’t take a bath and comb your hair for almost one month)
2- Contains Ethyl alcohol, which soaks up all the moisture of your hair.
3-Very costly! Rs 375 for 125 ml fluid which does no good is really too much.
4-Caused hairfall in my case.
5-Not a single product of this range is lesser than Rs 300.
6-It does exactly contrary to what it claims. Forget about keeping your hair moist, it soaks up the the existing moisture that one has!! :spank:
Rating: 2

Will I repurchase? Nooooo, never in my life unless I have plans to get into a mental asylum.

Note: IMBB readers from Kolkata, you would find this product at almost all cosmetic shops of New Market, Esplanade. Please do not get duped by the SA of these stores. Thank you Sweeties!

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14 thoughts on “Constanta Superior Hair Tonic Essence Review

    1. Yess dear, indeed, it would have been better, if I would have bought my usual biotique wala to acha hota, its all my fault 🙁

  1. I had not even heard of this brand.. bt too bad.. such tall claims and does exactly the opposite. :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

    1. Even I had never heard the brand name before I bought this. Seeing Made in Germany and the price, I thought it would be a good one 🙁

  2. I havent heard about the brand either,but I know now I have to stay away from it :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  3. OMG… :spank: :spank: Bad Results. :hunterwali: :hunterwali: . But now take care of your Hairs.. :puchhi:

  4. though i have not used the hair tonic but i am using anti wrinkle cream and also the hair conditioner. I am really impressed. :yes:

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