Contact Lenses: How to Use Contact Lens

contact lenses
contact lenses

How to get Contact lenses

Contact lenses are available with opticians who will first give a thorough check up and advice on the type of lenses best suitable.

How to Use  Soft contact lenses

Before handling contact lenses, hands must be thoroughly washed, rinsed and dried.


Wash the lens with solution. Hold the lens on the tip of the index finger with the concave side up, and touch it to the cornea. The lens will ‘stick’ to the eye. Blink normal a few times to make sure its in place.


With clean hands, take the index finger and the thumb and lightly sqeeze the outer corners of the lens, the lens will come out easily. After removing, clean them with solution, store them in a lens case. Change the solution in the lens case every day.

RPG Contact lenses come with strict instructions and an Inserter \ Remover.

It is very important that one does not sleep in contact lenses, because they will be harder to remove once you wake up. If you do sleep in contacts, after you wake up, blink rapidly and wait about 10-15 minutes before you remove them.

My Personal experience

contact lenses
contact lenses

I have been wearing glasses from the age of14, and have been wearing contact lenses since I was 17. In the past 5 years I have only lost 2 lenses, and broken 2 lenses (stepped on it !!!!)  but these were in the initial years, when lenses were relatively new to me. I used to wear yearly contact lenses (to be worn for 8-10 hours a day)till a few months ago. The yearly lenses cost me Rs. 1500 /- (pair).  My optician told me about the harms of protein deposits on the eye, and suggested that I change to monthly disposable ones. Now I wear monthly disposable and find them more comfortable and more hygienic. I currently use Bausch & Lomb Soflens which are to be worn for 12-14 hours a day. The monthly ones are Rs. 200/ month. I have always worn transparent ones because I love my eye colour. And I have never had any kind of infection related to contact lenses. But if I wear it for more hours, then I get dryness and slight redness at night. I find lenses extremely comfortable, once you get used to it, it feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all. I have a pretty high number, and the first time I wore lenses, I was like ‘Its like my eye sight are back!!!’.

Even though there are a lot of myths about contact lenses (they might keep falling out \ can get lost in the eye – both are false), contact lenses are far more comfortable than glasses, give a far better vision than glasses, and are worn by millions in today’s age. There is no reason not to get contacts if you wish. Contacts are best obtained under the supervision of an optician who will teach you to wear and care for them. Contact lenses need slightly more care and responsibility than glasses, but its well worth all the hassle.
Please do share your experience with contact lenses.

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41 thoughts on “Contact Lenses: How to Use Contact Lens

  1. i had purchased blue contacts for my sister’s wedding …..i sat 2 hours trying to wear them on the wedding day ……WASTED TYM and in d end… ONE OF D CONTACTS TORE….hahahahhaha
    thats when i knew – CONTACTS R JUST NOT FOR ME 🙁

    1. Awww! 😯
      Didn’t they took trial from u?when u got lenses?
      Bcz most of them provide proper training on usage of lenses..If you are first time wearer. :beauty:

    1. I am wearing lens since I was 13….so its about 12 years I am into lenses.
      I agree with Smita totally.
      They are safe and practical these days.
      Just a little bit of practice and then its a habit 🙂
      And monthly disposable are much hygienic than yearly.
      You know I recently got myself colored lenses. I am loving them. Though others feel my natural brown eye color is better but I wanted a change so I got gray ones. 😛

      May I answer your question Sweta?
      I would suggest first lenses and then make-up.
      The very first thing I do after shower is to wear my lenses.

      And to answer other question….no not all are suitable.
      I have problem with some waterproof eye pencils. They blur my lenses. And some do irritate my eyes.
      But that can be personal.
      Its only when you use it you have an idea.

      Hope this helps a little.

      1. Jinal-Is it’s safe to use colourd lens on a long run if u have power?which brand of contact lens is good? 🙂 and on what period wise is better…..

        1. Coloured lenses have the same repercussion as transparent ones.
          Brand depends on your budget \ needs \ lifestyle
          Period – thats personal.. i’m loving the monthly ones currently.
          I know u asked all those to jinal 😛 but i just felt like answering

        2. Hey Dia,
          I have got colored lenses twice….for 1 year period each.
          I did not face any problem with it.
          First time I had Bausch and Lomb and then this time I have Fresh Look.
          Actually monthly disposable are better and hygienic for regular use….but since color lenses are costly so I prefer the yearly ones. 🙂
          So if you want to play with color, try them out. Fresh Look have really pretty colors which blend naturally with your natural eye color. Again its personal choice…:)

        1. U can go for soft lenses by Bausch and Lomb or Fresh Look for color lenses….
          I have heard but not tried Johnson & Johnson lenses….so no idea about them dear!

          1. Jinal-Thanks 🙂 sorry was out of town hence could not read ur the way about fresh look colourd ones are they safe to wear when eye liner on….and s its hould be like 8 to 8pm so should i take monthly or quarterly (new to lens) :-))

    2. Always wear lenses first, then wear make up.
      Like jinal, even i wear lenses immediately after shower, cuz then eyes are washed, hands are clean, don’t need to wash again n again 😛

  2. i have been using then for almost ten years now …. never tried coloured lenses
    i use all sorta eyeliners, since i have dry skin and most of the time it does not smudge :rotfl:

    Herbal kajals wont irritate your eyes and lenses, again choose biotique , himalayas and lotus or any ayurvedhic ones with less chemicals,

    always go for waterproof eyeliners and mascaras , so they will not get in contact with your lenses :lashes:

  3. I have worn lenses for an year but that’s about it. I kinda got used to wearing them but then I suddenly left using them. As it is I mostly need specs duing using comp or watching tv so no I like wearing my specs only.

    Bt awesome write up, Smita. :yes: :yes: :yes:

  4. 🙂
    I’ve been using Contacts for 4 yrs now :cute:
    I hate the Extra baggage of Spectacles on my nose 😉 :beauty:
    I’m using Soft Gray colored lenses..too…ocassionally :lashes:
    Looks Magnificient with Eye make up 😎
    I’ m Happy with it 😀 Its kinda habit now 😉
    Good Article Smita T :yes:

      1. Same pinch 2 Jinal,I have light brown eyes..I tried variety of colors..
        But Soft Gray,was the one that complimented my brown eyes..It looks very natural..:D

  5. You have a number Ratidoooo 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯

    Dumb question – see ive been wearing lenses for around 3-4 yrs now, but not everyday n not all the time cause I spend ALOT of time on the computer and I find my glasses waaay more comfy. Anyways – with the lenses – I can never tell which way is right – as in – which side of the lense faces inside n which faces out wards n im always scared I wont be able to see properly coz ive worn mine wrong – but number isnt enough for me to be abke to tell . do you guys have any tips n tricks for keeping em straight ?

    1. Not a dumb question at all. Very important issue in fact. The link given by Meenal is helpful.
      My trick is when i intially remove the lens from packaging, it is curved on the right side, i try to keep it that way, that is, i don’t let the lens turn inside out. But thats hard after a couple of days, somehow after so many years of wearing, u always know which is the right side.
      The only difference i find if i’m wearing lenses inside out is that it itches and pokes a bit. Thats my cue. 😛 If the lenses don’t feel right, if they’re poking or itching, then they r prolly inside out.
      Sorry can’t help much 🙁

      1. No. you are right. I also learned by trial and error. But few times it started itching only after i got to class. :-(( :-(( So I asked my ophthalmologist and looked it up too.

  6. jhanvi..wat my doc at d store suggested n wat i do 2 see d right side is…keep d lens on d lines of ur hand at d side n fold a bit..if its d wrong wnt get curved…u gettin it..

    1. Actually Bhumika… i didn’t understand you, can you explain it again ?
      Lines of you hand means what?
      You said that lenses don’t get curved on the wrong side, but mine get curved easily on both sides 🙁

  7. Hiiii Smita. I am also a regular wear of contact lenses from last 16 yrs. Yes from such a long time as I suffered from Myopia when I was in Class V. Still faced no problm but yes the drying part is very true. For that I used to the same contact lens solution. It was prescribed by the doctor only. RENU……. *woot* 😛 *pompom*

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