6 Contouring Hacks To Sculpt Facial Features

Hi friends! A makeover to achieve a flawless sun kissed look always remains unaccomplished without contouring. Women think that contouring is a tough task and it can be done only by makeup professionals. There are so many misconceptions about contouring and highlighting; this is the reason why contouring seems to be complicated.

Contouring hacks

In this post, you will get to know some useful hacks to contour the face like a pro. Before that we will take a look at the basics of contouring and highlighting which is indeed crucial for girls to do it appropriately.

Why contouring and highlighting – before stepping into this face-sculpting makeup technique, it is important for you to know what exactly is contouring and highlighting because a purpose can make the process understandable.

We use a bronze (or similar) shade to sculpt the face and attain a toned and well-defined facial shape. On the other side, a highlighter or an illuminator is used to highlight the selected portions of face such as inner eye corners, forehead, under eye area above the cheekbones and the midline of nose to achieve a dewy glow.

What kind of brushes should be used – soft angled contour brush and tapered kabuki brush are the most common brushes used in this makeup process. An angled brush with super soft bristles is needed to contour the entire face with precision. Tapered kabuki brush is different from regular foundation brushes and is widely used to highlight cheeks, forehead and chin.

Products to be used – basically bronzer, highlighter/illuminator and blush are three main products for sculpting the face like a makeup professional. Otherwise, you can choose two foundations out of which one is darker than your natural skin tone and other one is lighter than your skin tone. Being a beginner, it can be a good start for you to try contouring with two foundations.

Contouring for various facial shapes – if you think that you may proceed with this makeup technique just by watching random YouTube videos; you are absolutely wrong. The procedure of sculpting and illuminating is different for various face shapes. It is the round face shape which has entirely a distinct procedure.


Try these tricks for contouring and highlighting:-

1. ‘E’ pattern for contouring and ‘C’ pattern for highlighting – this is the easiest thing to come across the entire procedure of contouring and highlighting. ‘E’ pattern should be used for contouring as it covers forehead hairline, cheek and jaw line whereas ‘C’ pattern highlights eye area and cheekbone.

2. Quick technique for instant highlighting – if you don’t want to contour, you can simply use a highlighter to accentuate the glow with the help of a flat top brush. Apply the highlighter with the brush on inner eye corners, cupid bow, middle area of the nose and slant lines on cheekbones.

contour e and c

3. The laid ‘8’ (infinity symbol) technique – this face sculpting makeup procedure is used to bring emphasis on eyes. So, you can use the laid ‘8’ technique to highlight the area around your eyes without any harsh attempts.

4. Take time for nose contouring – have some patience while contouring the nose. Nose contouring is as essential as any other portion of your face. To shape up your nose, you can apply the contouring shade near the nostrils and highlighter on the midline of your nose.

5. Do not forget to contour jaw line and collarbone – it is a clear mistake to skip jaw line and collarbone contouring. Contour jaw line to hide the double chin; apply the shade on the collarbone to accentuate the beauty bone.

6. Keep HBC pattern for everyday look – keep the HBC pattern as the regular method of contouring and highlighting procedure. Here H stands for highlighter, B for blush and C for contouring. It should be applied on your cheeks in the same pattern.

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