Contouring Tips According To Skin Tone

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It is crucial to pick up contouring kit that suits your skin tone. In today’s post I will tell you some tips and tricks to contour your face according to your skin tone.

contouring skin tone

Light/fair Skin:

fair skin contouring

1. Fairer skin tones can go wrong with contouring the most as it is sometimes difficult to find the correct shade of contouring products. Most of the products available in the market are too dark.
2. Fair skin tones need a blush with no orange tones. A blush with cooler undertones like pink will show up on your face in a better way while orange tones will probably not show up.
3. If you are very fair then choosing the lightest shades available for your foundation can be a bit of a task. Beauty experts say that you can totally go for pure white foundation for contouring.
4. Fair skinned ladies don’t need to go too heavy or harsh with your contour, as it can appear too obvious or blotchy. You can go over the edges with a damp makeup sponge for a seamless finish.
5. Colour infused highlighting products blend seamlessly into fair skin and do not show up. You can choose contouring makeup with a little bit of shimmer that will catch the light and will show up on your face.
6. Go for contouring products with golden and warm undertones instead of ashy colours as warmer shades will add a healthy radiance to your face, while cooler colors can look too dull on your fair skin.

Medium/Tan Skin:

medium skin contouring

1. Steer clear of contouring products with too much orange in them, your aim should be a sun-kissed skin and not burnt!
2. You can go for deeper/golden highlighter in warm shades which will not only illuminate your skin but can also be used to contour.
3. Opt for dusty mauve blushes to compliment yellow undertones while women with red undertones are suited to raspberry pinks. A warm terracotta shade will also suit you well.
4. You can build up layers for a seamless application. Look for warm chocolate and caramel tones in your contour palette. When choosing a bronzer to contour, pick a matte product in a hue that’s one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Dark/Deep Skin:

dark skin contouring

1. Darker skin tones should use lighter shades to create depth. Focus on highlighting to help create a contrast with the natural shadows of your face, and at the same time use a bronzer to add more dimensions.
2. Darker skin tones want a highlighting powder that won’t leave an ashy, chalky appearance and a contouring powder that is deep enough to create dimension on your skin.
3. To contour choose a product two shades lighter than your skin tone. A coppery bronze shade to sculpt the face looks the best and is your best bet.
4. Look for berry blush shades if you have a red undertone, alternatively if you have a yellow undertone go for an orange blush.
5. Forget about light-reflective shimmers; opt for matte contours that will compliment the deeper skin tones well.

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  1. Vandana that was a really informative post.I am fair but nit extremely fair and I love contouring my face as it guves me a chiselled look.Those were some really useful tips . Thanks for sharing it dear.

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