10 Coolest Hacks to Up Your Makeup Game for Weddings and Parties

By Neha Ramchandani

Hello people

Hope all you people have enjoyed the winter weekend fully. During the winter season the best part is that you do not need regular makeup touch ups. So this is the best season for makeup lovers. They can go bold and heavy with their makeup without worrying about its staying power. This season also comes with lots of parties and weddings, so here are some makeup hacks every makeup lover has to know, to up their game and to impress everyone with their skills!

1. Best Use of Darker Foundation
If you are crazy about online shopping, then there are more chances of ordering the wrong foundation shade. If you have got a shade darker than your skin tone, no need to throw it out. Just use it as your contour shade. Alternatively, use it as a foundation itself by just mixing your favorite moisturizer on the back of your hand, this will lighten your shade and make it match perfectly.

2. Fixing Eyebrow
If you have run out of your eyebrow gel and you do not have your eyebrow filling gel too, then all you have to do is take a spoolie brush or an old mascara brush and spray a little amount of your hairspray on it. Simply run through your eyebrows. Trust me, your eyebrows would stay in place for hours.

3. Perfect Contouring Tip
10 Coolest Hacks to Up Your Makeup Game for Weddings and Parties1

Are you tired of  making a fish face to find out where your contour should be? Contouring is something which has no particular rule as different people have different face shapes and so is the contour technique. But there is one hack that goes with almost all face shapes. All you need to do is take your bronzer on an angular brush, or a brown pencil and draw just where you have the hollows of your cheeks. Now create a three number shape starting from your brow bone and targeting your cheeks at one round. Make another small round at the double chin area and then you need to break your hands to blend that out.

4. Dried Gel Liner?
Who does not love to use a gel eye liners but the problem with them is they get dried out really fast. Not a problem, just keep your eye liner for 20-30 seconds in the microwave and heat it up, then see the difference. It will become as good as new.

5. Neutral Lips
I am a personal fan of nude lipsticks but my complexion does not allow me to use all the shades of nude lipsticks. I am sure many of us face the same problem. But there is a hack for this too. All we need to do is take a brown lipstick and normally apply on lips. Then, take a concealer on your fingers and dab a little amount on your lips. This will help you to find that perfect nude color and this would work for all skin tones as you are adapting the color according to your complexion.

6. Mascara for Eyeliner
If your pen linear or any liquid liner does not work at the end moment, do not panic and also do not waste time in trying to revive it. Just take your mascara on a wand and rub a thin eye liner brush on it. Simply apply the linear as you want to and nobody would get to know that you have used mascara for your eye liner.

7. Dry Mascara
Mascaras last usually for just 3 months and then they get expired. But at times they get dried way early and who wants that! Here’s what you can do – take little lens solution and pour 3-4 drops into your mascara and mix. Rub between your palms and you would have your old mascara back.

8. Cream Blushes
I love using cream blushes specially in winters, but they are a little difficult to find. Well, all we need is a lipstick and a moisturizer. The best thing about this is they are customizable and you can create your own shade by mixing equal amounts of lipstick (of your favorite shade). Just mix up a little moisturizer and on the back of your hand with that favorite lipstick shade. You would love this on your cheeks as the shades are so customizable, and won’t look patchy on dry skin.

9. Perfectly Lined Lips
I am completely tired of unevenly lined lips and this ruins the complete look. Well the new hack I have got to know is easy and sexy. Just need to create an X on the cupid’s bow and line the rest of the lips according to the desired lip shape. Fill in your lips with the same lip liner and then go for your lipstick. This is the coolest way to have perfect pout lips. :*

10. Lipstick on Teeth
I find many girls out there with this same problem and find this very weird and tacky. Maybe0 this can happen with any one of us. So the simplest way is to apply your lipstick, blot it with a compact powder and tissue. Then take your pinky finger and just keep it in your mouth and take out. All the excess lipstick would be gone and hence no lipstick on the teeth.

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