How to Cope With Loneliness

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How to Overcome Loneliness

Loneliness or not being wanted is the worst feeling that anyone can experience. In fact it is the root cause of many problems such as stress, depression, low self-confidence and even memory loss.

Lack of friendship, breakup or divorce, death of someone very dear are few factors that can lead to the sense of loneliness in one’s life.

Loneliness can broadly be classified into two categories:

1. Emotional loneliness: As the name suggests it is caused in the absence of an emotional relationship. A sense of loneliness can creep inside a person when they do not have anyone to share their deepest thoughts with.
2. Social loneliness: A person feels social loneliness in the absence of a social network. Lack of support from friends or society may trigger this type of loneliness.

These days’ people suffer from loneliness more than ever. Interaction level among people has gone down which in turn increases the feeling of being alone or cut off from the society.

Tips to cope up with loneliness:

The sooner you start to deal with this problem the better it would be for you. Mentioned below are some tips that may help someone feeling lonely.

  • Make friends: It is the best way to deal with your loneliness. Interact with people around you as it will help you to thrive emotionally.
  • Choose a hobby: Keep yourself engaged in some work. Sitting ideal all day will only add to the feeling of not being wanted and hence make you more uncomfortable than you already are.
  • Be optimistic: Always remember that you are not the only person who has such a feeling. Everyone goes through this phase at one point of time or other.
  • Revive old relationships: It is always refreshing to talk to people we grew up with, so go ahead and contact them you will definitely feel better.
  • Talk to people: Do not sit in a room and let loneliness bother you instead go out and talk to people. Make people around you aware of your feelings which will help you overcome the state of loneliness.
  • Volunteer for a cause: To overcome a sense of worthlessness go out and help those in need. You can enrol yourself as a volunteer in old age homes, hospitals, orphanages etc. Helping others will surely boost your moral.
  • Change your attitude: Always believe that only you can bring a change in your life. Try to bring positivity in everything you do. Everyone likes to be around someone who is confident.
  • Learn to enjoy time alone: Do not let external sources control you. Take charge of your onwn life and always remember that we are born alone and will die alone so there is nothing to be scared of it.
  • Get a pet: Pets give unconditional love to there masters and keep their loneliness at bay.
  • Join online social networking sites: you may find many like minded people online who may help you to overcome the feeling of loneliness.

Next time you feel unwanted due to any reason just try some of these tips and start your life afresh. What say?

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