Copper Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hey lovelies!

Here’s a full copper eye makeup look that you can create in easy steps.

Products used:

1. Qianyu eye-shadows ( a Chinese brand which is my absolute favorite for their pigmentation).
2. VOV eye brow powder kit.
3. Lakme compact powder.
4. Elle 18 kajal.
5. Maybelline hypercurl mascara.
6. Street wear eyeliner.
7. A black eye shadow from a local brand eye shadow palette.
8. Vega eyelash curler.

copper eye makeup tutorial products

Step 1:

Prime your eyes and groom your eyebrows well. I have done my eyebrows a little thicker than usual this time using the VOV 2 color eye brow powder set
Step 2:

Take a whitish gold eye-shadow and apply below your brow bone. You can even use any eye-shadow which is two shades lighter than your skin tone. I have skipped the usual yellow gold I use for this one since I want the copper to stand out.

copper eye makeup tutorial (4)

Step 3:

Take a black eye-shadow and apply all over the eyelid in an upward slanting fashion as shown on the pic. It should go a little above the crease on the outer end.

copper eye makeup tutorial (5)
Step 4:

Now dab the copper pigment on the inner 2/3rd of the eyelid leaving out a little black on the outer edge.

copper eye makeup tutorial (6)
Step 5:

With a bronzy beige color, blend out the harsh lines on the crease. This would also give the required depth.
Step 6:

Use a liquid eyeliner to draw a very thin winged line on the upper lashline. We wouldn’t be doing a thick line just so that the copper is properly visible.
Step 7:

Apply kajal on the waterline and tightline your eyes with it too.
Step 8:

Curl the lashes. I generally avoid using the curler, but since this is a very metallic look, straight lashes won’t look good at all.

copper eye makeup tutorial (7)
Step 9:

Apply mascara.
Step 10:

Finally with a eyeliner brush, take the copper pigment and apply on the inner “v” of the eyes, extending a bit to the lower lash-line.

copper eye makeup tutorial (8)
And you are done! The black eye-shadow tones down the copper to a wearable shade, this is how it should look. Did you like it Sahiba? 🙂 do let me know! Others also let me know what kind of eye makeup you would want me to do 🙂

copper eye makeup tutorial

See you next time ladies with the next tute!

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46 thoughts on “Copper Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. Wow..You rocked Aparajita. You explained it really well. This Copper eye makeup is looking stunning on you. I will surely try this one. 🙂

  2. Oh my…your eyes look so stunning yaa 🙂 Fida ho gai main toh 😀
    Your tutorials are so easy to understand..wish I had half of your skill Aparajita 🙂

  3. Awesome copper-ish look ….
    U are very good in playing wid colors and the ideas and thoughts
    you put in your eye makeup’s is commendable
    Stunning Eotd
    Great going 🙂

    1. Thank u so much dipti 😀 actually these r chinese br*nds. There is a cmpny called siloran cosmetics whch mks 3 line of csmtcs cld Baxi,qianyu nd tiannuo. I really like these br*nds fr their pigmntation n affrdbility:)
      thanks a lot vini :*

  4. all my favourite colors are there in this look aparajita. loved the look . Your eyes look gorgeous always and your makeup is flawless. Loved!!! :))

  5. oh my darling appi… thanks a ton… this is what i was exactly looking for…. yahi wala… aisa wala… thankyou thankyou sooo much…. you are an expert… kaash main b aisa perfect kar paau… 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛 hugs to you…. muuuaaahhh…

    1. Thanks sahiba 🙂 really glad i cd help u. Do let me knw if u want any more eye looks frm me
      thanks surabhi! Ur cmmnt made my day 😀

  6. oye Appy … too goood 🙂 ..very well explained and helpful 🙂 ammmaaaazing shades u have used .. and those eyezzzzz ..loooooovely 🙂

  7. definitely appi… i’ll come up with more requests… 😛 😛 main laalchi hu… 😉 actually its my brother’s wedding coming up… n i have to wear different eye make ups for every ethnic outfit… n so i’ll keep coming to you na… 😛 🙂 :*

  8. That was awesome, Aparajita…like reallt really awesome 🙂 🙂
    Can you pls help me out with a bit light eye make-up (smoky one pl 🙂 ).I mean for teenagers 🙂

  9. That was awesome, Aparajita…like really really awesome 🙂 🙂
    Can you pls help me out with a bit light eye make-up (smoky one pl 🙂 ).I mean for teenagers 🙂

  10. Hmmm fantabulous..u know i just love your diys and eye make up tuts..God damn stunning tut..i was simply staring at ua eotds for such a long Tym..

  11. Wow! Brilliant Aparajita 🙂 Well I am new to IMBB but was quite active on Totalgadha back in 2008-2009.
    A request from my side Aparajita, can you pls.have a tutorial for light blue eye makeup? I want to wear White salwar kameez (cotton) with light blue earring and bangles on holi, pls.let me the suitable light blue eye makeup.
    Lots of love

  12. gorgeous stuff. love it that it looks so simple.

    And since you are asking for farmaish types (being shameless here) I would love it if you could do something for daily office going and tips on how I can change it for an office dinner if I am going straight from work. That would really help me ‘cos currently I am just applying my usual eyeliner at work and just going thicker with the liner if I am going out for dinner from work.

    1. Awww :)thanks janaki
      thanks aru ji.. U can check out my post ‘how to change from office to party look in few mins’ 🙂 its based on your query

  13. Aparajita…. You have ridiculously beautiful eyes and the look that you did just makes them look even prettier! I would’ve never thought of using a black base! Will definitely give this a try! 🙂 Thank you for an amazing yet simple tutorial.

  14. your eyes are so much familiar with me now a days..i can make them out so easily. such gorgeous eyes you have got..and wonderful creative talent also.

    anyway can you tell me please from where do you get all your siloran products? do they have some shimmer-less daily wearable shadows?

    1. yes sharmi, i have a quad from the brnd “baxi”- one of the manufacturers of siloran indstry. their eye shadows r matte 🙂 its locally retailed here

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