Cosmetic Procedures for Eyelashes

By Akshata Jagtap

“She lowered her lashes until they almost cuddled her cheeks and slowly raised them again, like a theatre curtain.”
Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep.

Cosmetic Procedures for Eyelashes

In ancient Rome, the ideal eyes were large and with long eyelashes. Pliny the Elder, a roman author wrote that eyelashes fell out from excessive sex and so it was especially important for women to keep their eyelashes long to prove their chastity!

Well, we are no longer required to prove our chastity, but the love for long thick lashes is still dear to us! While a human head hair grows for up to three years, eyelashes grow for only three months before they fall out, limiting the length that they can grow to.

Well, science has come to our help! There are currently three procedures which can give you alluring eyelashes through cosmetics procedures i.e. Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Hair Transplants and Latisse! Through this article, you will be informed about all of these procedures.

Eyelash Extensions

Cosmetic Procedures for Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions make a person’s eyelashes appear longer. During this procedure, a synthetic eyelash is applied to each natural lash. This application is done with the help of a special bonding agent.

As the shedding of eyelashes is a natural process, you tend to lose your synthetic ones with them. Therefore, one needs to go for refills or touch ups after a month. This is the process of adding lash extensions to those new lashes that have reached the 5 to 6 week maturity level.

Applying Eyelash Extensions is a very crucial and intense service and it requires skill and precision. One should go to an experienced lash artist who is a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist to get this done. Ask what type adhesive is used. It should be non-formaldehyde one. After getting the eyelash extensions you may experience red eyes, but it will go away in 1 day’s time with the use of eye drops.

There are Eyelash Studios which give you such treatment. You can find them easily in major cities all over India.

Don’t Go For Eyelash Extension If:

• You rub your eyes frequently.
• Have sensitive Skin.
• Have medical illnesses.
• Have conditions that affect eyelash growth.

Eyelash Hair Transplantation

Cosmetic Procedures for Eyelashes
This procedure is also known as Eyelash Implants. This procedure was originally used to treat areas of the eyelid that have no eyelashes due to genetics, alopecia, or trauma such as that from cancer surgery or burns. However, of late, cosmetologist have been using this procedure to thicken and enhance the appearance of the eyelashes, in individuals who already have eyelashes.

An area of scalp in the back of the head is numbed with a local anesthesia. That section (scalp strip) is removed and the gap is sewn shut with stitches. The scalp strip is given to a technician who separates the hair tissue into single hair follicular grafts. The grafts are then one-by-one implanted into the upper eyelid by the surgeon by threading with a curved needle. The procedure takes approximately 3-4 hours.

Why Should One Go For Eyelash Implants?

• If one lost their natural eyelashes due to trauma or some physical ailment.
• If one’s natural eyelashes and its growth has been deteriorated due to undergoing some medical procedure like for cancer.
• If one suffers from a disease called Trichotillomania, where in one compulsively plucks their eyelashes and other body hair.
• If one had no natural hair growth due to some congenital condition.
• If one has damaged their natural eyelashes due to overplucking or because of excessive use of stick on eyelashes.

Latisse (The cosmetic formulation of Bimatoprost)

In people using this medicine for glaucoma, it was noted that there had been an increase in diameter, density and length of eyelashes. In 2008, it was approved that could be used for people suffering from low eyelash growth. It can only be taken under prescription only.

For cosmetic purposes, it is administered once daily by applying the solution to the skin at the base of the eyelash using an applicator device, where it has its effect upon the hair follicle. Only specialists like eye doctors, cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists are more likely to know about the drug’s availability.

If you are on heart medications, have certain allergic conditions or taking antibiotics you may not be a good candidate for this procedure.

So, now that you know what you can do to make your lashes thicker and longer, which one would you opt for? Do comment.

Thank you for reading!!

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  1. I won’t say I have luscious eyelashes, but rather than going for these procedures, I would just use a superb mascara. I know someone who has undergone eyelash extensions and her eyes hurt and get watery often!

    1. You know, lot of cosmetic procedures purely depend on the cosmologist you get it done from. I am going to try latisse atleast! Doctor puchke ofcourse 😉

  2. err….umm…….i dunno….hmm..

    I would rather use mascara and falsies than go for these procedures.

    Best would be use castor oil regularly for 6months…. cheap and really effective! 😀

    1. Hehe shilpa, there is always a home remedy for every cosmetic procedure!! Btw I have heard once you stop using the castor oil the effect too goes?

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