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Gayathri S. asks:

Hi ladies,

I am a staunch reader of IMBB.  I have not got the guts to do a review or OOTD post yet. I have gone through almost all posts to find answer for my this question. You ladies do an awesome job sharing your experiences. Rati ,Jomol, Neha and every lady who adds and supports this site, you are best buddies for people like me.  My question is I am travelling to USA East Coast for a long term, what all cosmetics would I need there? What cosmetics should I buy in India? I now reside in Chennai and also if you can tell me where to roam around apart from T Nagar for this haul.  I have a wheatish complexion with clear skin woman, I am in my late twenties.  Your responses will be of great help 🙂

Thanks Gayathri S 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Cosmetic Shopping Tips For Travel To USA: Ask IMBB

  1. I can say places to shop in chennai 🙂
    Ramee mal
    express avenue u get most good brands there
    and arcott road too…
    new mall in phoenix market city should be cheked to prepare for ur trip 🙂

    i have also heard of parrys

  2. basic kohl, (like kohl ulitmate or eyekonic)
    foundation and pressed powder, lipsticks in shades u like,
    maybe light shade like desert rose from chambor
    and sunscreen wil be ur friends in the US 🙂

  3. Hey Gayathri..first of all if you are going to US i highly suggest you to haul cosmetics from there 😀 you’ll find so many good and reasonably priced stuff in local stores like target, cvs, walgreens etc all the items you find in our drugstores are available there n much cheaper 🙂 other than that you can take indian brands like lakme/biotique/khadi etc products since these you wont find there..also if you are used to herbal hair oil etc take these from here or else you’ll find everything there itself 🙂 enjoy!

  4. my question is opposite….pls suggest few good skin care pdts specailly, sls paraben free shampoos and conditioners that sud be bought from usa, which are available at cheaper price there compared to india. one of ma colleage is going there.

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