Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops – F+ Neroli Hydration Drops Review

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This review will be on the Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops in Type F + Neroli – Hydration.

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops Neroli Hydration Drops

Product Details:
An active, vitamin-rich concentrate that can be used alone to hydrate and treat the skin, or can be infused into any product in your beauty regimen while offering the benefits of a potent, super-strength, hydrating serum.

What it does:
Cover Fx Custom Infusion Drops are innovative drops that instantly transform your everyday beauty products into powerful skin care treatments that are customized to fit your skin’s unique needs. Custom Infusion Drops can be mixed with anything liquid: moisturizers, serums, oils, primers, foundations, and tinted moisturizers. Simply place your usual product into the palm of your hand, drop in Custom Infusion Drops, mix with your fingertips, and transform it into your own perfectly infused complexion solution.

Calming: E + Chamomile: This blend features chamomile oil, which comforts, soothes, and reduces the look of inflammation, while vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant that supports antiaging and protects against premature aging.

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops Neroli Hydration Drops

Hydration: F + Neroli: The hydrating blend is infused with neroli oil and vitamin F. Neroli oil conditions and soothes, and vitamin F contains sodium hyluronate, which works to deeply nourish and hydrate skin.

Radiance: C + Lemongrass: To support a radiant complexion, this blend combines vitamin C and lemongrass. Lemongrass tones the skin and vitamin C helps to brighten up the complexion and protect it against damaging free radicals.

Anti-aging: A + Jasmine: Powered by vitamin A and jasmine oil, the vitamin A in these drops supports cell turnover and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles; jasmine oil boosts the skin’s hydration.

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops Neroli Hydration Drops

It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.


My Experience with Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops – F+ Neroli Hydration Drops:

I have dry skin, so naturally winter season is least enjoyed by me in terms of my beauty routine. I suffer from a lot of dry patches which tends to make my foundation look patchy and cake-y. When I read the claims of this product, I was very intrigued. This product comes in 4 types or variants that are designed to address specific concerns, so naturally I gravitated toward the “hydrating” blend.

Packaging:  Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. The bottle is see through which is good to see the amount of product left, but also makes the ingredients unstable due to exposure to light. Hence I do keep this tucked away in my drawer. The applicator is a drop dispenser which works well with this product.

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops Neroli Hydration Drops

Texture:  This product has a thin, runny oil like texture. It is very slippery (like silicone products but is a much diluted liquid form), but does not feel heavy or greasy. The product is very light in density hence it spreads, absorbs and soothes my skin instantly.

Usage:  I love this product and use it in multiple ways.  I would sometimes use it as a skin care step prior to applying makeup on its own or mixed into a serum or moisturizer, but my absolute preferred way of using this product is mixed into my foundation, especially ones which I know are drying and/or matte.  I take some foundation on the back of my hand and add as much as 3-4 drops (only because by skin is super dry, but for normal skin, I wouldn’t recommend doing more than 1 or 2 drops) of this product and it integrates into the foundation well without separating. I find that after I do this, my foundation glides so much easily on my skin as it has a notable slip to it given by mixing in these drops. It does not alter the finish of my foundation, so matte foundation gives a matte finish, but it does give it a hint of a natural, healthy glow coming through. I have not noticed it reducing the wear time of my foundation, instead it helps it look better throughout the day, by helping it to become more flexible, not creasing or cracking so much. It also helps my foundation not accentuate my dry patches by clinging to them. It does reduce the coverage just a tiny bit hence you do need a little more foundation than you usually would just on its own. It also nourishes my skin and I have seen my skin look better the more I use it.

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops Neroli Hydration Drops

Fragrance:  It has a moderately strong herbal scent which is not off putting.

Overall, I absolutely love this product or I should say my dry skin loves it! I used to sometimes mix a drop of facial oil in my foundation, but never liked the effect it gave me as it broke down my foundation, reducing the wear time of my makeup and made my face look shiny. This product delivered the exact same results I was looking for, but without all the cons. I love the versatility of this product where you can use this with basically any makeup/skin care item in your kit. If you are a dry skin gal or someone who has an issue with your face makeup never looking as good as you envision in your head, this is the product you need ! I highly recommend this!

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops Neroli Hydration Drops

I would love to try the “Radiance” type next.

Pros of Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops – F+ Neroli Hydration Drops:

  • Can be mixed with any skin care/makeup product in your kit to add a boost of hydration.
  • Lightweight, oil-like consistency. Does not feel heavy or greasy on the skin.
  • When mixed with foundation does not alter the finish, coverage or wear time of the foundation.
  • Makes my foundation flexible hence it moves easily with my skin thereby reducing creasing or cracking.
  • Adds a hint of healthy glow to the skin.
  • Nourishes my skin and makes it look better the more I use this product.
  • Good for all skin types; for oily skin – you can reduce the amount you use per application.

Cons of Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops – F+ Neroli Hydration Drops:

  • Glass bottle- clumsy people take caution.

IMBB Rating:

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