Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops Radiance, Tata Harper Repairative Moisturiser, Jurlique Purely Age Defying Serum Review


Hi everyone, 🙂
Today I am reviewing 3 skincare products from my kit that I have been using for months now. Infact, I am almost through with the Jurlique serum and almost halfway through the Tata Harper Moisturiser. It’s only fair to review them before the empty bottles get tossed out. 😀

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops Radiance C+ Lemongrass (Price : USD48/INR 3200 approx for 15ml) We have a reviewed Cover FX Infusion Drops on IMBB before HERE. But there is a whole range of these infusion drops available in the brand. I picked up the C+ Lemongrass. One because I absolutely adore citrusy fragrance. And second, it is meant to add Radiance to the skin. Honestly, my dry skin can always do with a little boost of radiance. 🙂 These are basically a gorgeous blend of essential oils that you can use it various ways. You can use it as a skincare. You can mix a drop of it in your foundation to get that lovely dewy finish. You could also add these in your serums and moisturisers for that extra boost. It is free of all parabens, synthetic dyes, sulphates and a whole lot of nasty ingredients. I adore this one especially because it smells divine to me.It is quite a light oil and does not feel heavy on the skin. It has never broken me out or clogged my pores. I mostly use it in my foundation for that healthy dewy glow. And it really helps in keeping my skin hydrated for longer. It also helps in blending the foundation easier. On dull skin days, this combined with a bit of foundation, it’s a bliss. My skin looks fresh and plumped. It says it is good for normal to combination skin. I agree. Would not really recommend it for someone with oily skin. It would be too dewy / oily for someone with oily skin.

The only caution would be to be careful with the little glass bottle. If you have butter fingers like me, you have to be extra careful. And second if you use too much of it, it would totally dilute the foundation and sometimes might even separate the formula. Total nasty. But just a small drop and it does its job well.

If I have to sum up, I’d say that you really don’t need this. Your regular facial oil mixed with foundation would work exactly the same way this does. I use my foundation with my facial oil so many times and I could not tell the difference. If you are a makeup artist, you could totally keep a bottle of this in your kit and can use it as your secret ingredient for all dewy skin looks. 😉 Also, since it is free of lot of harmful chemicals, it is not likely to cause breakouts to anyone unless someone has extremely sensitive skin. Don’t expect any long term benefits out of it. I always take it as an additional boost to both my skin care and makeup and that’s what it is. Good and versatile stuff.
Rating : 4/5





Jurlique Purely Age Defying Brightening and Tightening Serum Review (Price : USD78/ Rs5,200 approx) I absolutely adore Jurlique skincare range. I have used so many of their products and most of them have worked for me. Jurlique has been the biggest part of my skin care routine from past few months and my skin has really looked good despite the crappiest pollution we have in Delhi. This is a wrinkle smoothing serum. I use it more as an anti ageing product. For past 4-5 months that I have been using this, I have never really become obsessed with this. I have used it continuously for days and liked it feels on my skin. And there are good 15-20 days when I have completely skipped using it and I could not tell much difference in appearance of my skin. For me it turned out to be just an okay product. I neither mind using nor nor miss using it. It is lightweight, gets absorbed in the skin quickly and does not feel heavy on the skin. It is a thin milky cream. It has a bit of stickiness to it once you apply it and kind of leaves a smooth layer on skin and preps the skin for the moisturiser to go on top. I’d say people with normal to dry skin would not mind it but it does not look like a product for those with combination or oily skin.

I’d call it quite a perfume(y) for an all natural product but the fragrance settles down after a while. Also, you always top a serum with a moisturiser so it does not bother at all. You need just 1-2 pumps of it for full face and neck. It comes in this opaque glass bottle and you can’t really tell when you are about to finish the product. I have been using it for months now and I still feel that it has quite a bit left in it. It claims to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, honestly I don’t have either problem yet. It also claims to brighten skin. Honestly, for me it just turned out to be a regular serum that I use. It never broke me out. I never bothered me or impressed me. It is more of a routine product for me. I’d continue using it till I finish the bottle but it would never be on my repurchase list. Rating : 3/5




Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer Review (Price: USD 105/ Rs 7,000 approx for 50ml) I have normal to dry skin so I am always looking for moisturisers that can keep my skin hydrated and moisturised for long. This one was such a sheer disappointment. This moisturiser comes in this gorgeous green sleek bottle. It is very thin and lightweight moisturiser. It is pretty much the consistency of serum. It gets absorbed in the skin quickly without leaving any residue behind. It is meant for dry skin but it never moisturised my skin enough. After a few hours only my skin feels a bit stretchy. It especially happens when I have a full makeup on. this never provides enough hydration to my skin. Also, the fragrance is quite annoying for me. It has that grassy- herbal(y) fragrance to it that does not settle down quickly and is quite strong imo. And honestly, the price is crazy for a simple moisturiser. The ingredients list is impressive but for me, it failed to deliver the basic result of moisturisation. My skin does not feel hydrated enough even after the immediate application. I absolutely adore their face mask, but this one truely did not live up for me except how light it feels and how quickly it gets absorbed, I like nothing about this one.
Rating : 2/5


Ingredients :

tata-harper-repairative-moisturiser tata-harper-repairative-moisturiser-review Swatches : left to right jurlique serum, cover FX Radiance Oil, Tata Harper Moisturiserserums oils

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  1. I so want to try Jurlique products now, after all these amazing reviews from you Ms. Singh 🙂 Also, these three products though sound more good for dry skin, during these harsh and dry winters, would work so well for other skin types too including oily skin! 🙂

    1. they are good jomo. give them a shot whenever you can. 🙂 yes i agree. I think you can use them on areas where you feel extra dry! 🙂 thankoo :-*

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