How to Cover Up a Tattoo With Makeup

How to Cover Up a Tattoo With Makeup

No matter how much we love our tattoos there are times when we need to cover them up. Sometimes clothing isn’t enough to hide the beloved body art, it is then when the need for the right products arises. Mentioned below are some tattoo cover-up tips that is all you need to make your tattoo blend in, at least for a little while.


Tips to Cover Up a Tattoo With Makeup

• To cover larger areas you need some great heavy-duty concealers. The ones you use to hide under-eye dark circles and blemishes are not going to give you the full and lasting coverage like a specialty product will. However for a much smaller area they might work.

• Go for a heavy and creamy product that is completely opaque. Liquid to powder formulas must be avoided if you are looking for a much lasting effect.

• Opt for a yellow tone concealer because most tattoos have a blue-based ink which will be best put out of sight by a yellow tone concealer. Choose a concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone exactly.

• Wash the tattooed area thoroughly and then use a toner to remove all the traces of oil and dirt. Allow the area to dry completely.


• Apply the concealer to the area you intend to cover. Make sure to use a concealer brush. The brush deposits a more concentrated layer of the product than fingers do. If you are applying several coats, make sure you allow for each coat to dry before reapplying another coat. Blend the product well into your skin.

• If possible use a spray-on foundation over the concealed area. If you are using a liquid foundation then pay attention to the technique i.e. dabbing the product not smearing it.

• Finish the concealing work by applying a matte powder over the top of the foundation. Make sure that the powder matches your skin tone, too. Swipe the powder back and forth using a fluffy powder brush. Allow the area to dry before touching it or attempting to cover it with clothing.

tatoocoverWord of caution: Do not attempt to cover a tattoo with makeup unless the tattoo is fully healed. A fresh tattoo, or one that is just a week or two old, demands great care and good hygiene. Introducing make-up, or excessively touching a new tattoo, can irritate the area enough to harm your hard-earned artwork and cause infection.

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