Crabtree & Evelyn “Evelyn Rose” Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy

Crabtree & Evelyn “Evelyn Rose” Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy

Hi Everybody,

I have become a religious user of Hand cream. The thing is I started spending for an extra skin care step. Never Mind. Anything for good skin :). I have heard a lot about Crabtree and Evelyn hand creams. Rati has written reviews about Iris & Gardeners Hand Therapy too.

Crabtree&Evelyn “Evelyn+Rose” Ultra Moisturizing Hand Therapy

That was enough for me to do a haul at Crabtree & Evelyn store during my recent mall visit. This was one of the product I picked up.

Product Description :

Beautifully soften and enrich your hands with our award-winning, shea butter-rich Hand Therapy formulated with ceramides 3 and 6II to reduce moisture loss while promoting your skin’s hydration level. Conditioning rose extracts help leave hands noticeably smoother and more supple with each use.

Crabtree & Evelyn “Evelyn Rose” Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy 1
Crabtree & Evelyn “Evelyn Rose” Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy  application
• Conditioning Rosa hybrid and Rosa gallica extracts
• Hydrates to restore softness
• Contains myrrh extract to condition cuticles and nails
• Formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or propylene glycol.

Apply after cleansing or anytime throughout the day for hands that are exceptionally soft and luxuriously scented.


A heart of uniquely scented Evelyn Rose petals and peach nectar, surrounded by an elegant jasmine violet accord with accents of bergamot and sensuous amber.
Crabtree & Evelyn “Evelyn Rose” Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy swatch
Price :

$7 for 25g, $19 for 100g

My Experience with Crabtree & Evelyn “Evelyn Rose” Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy :

I have almost finished my Loccitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. I went to Crabtree & Evelyn to stock up for winter. When I visited the store at the Mall, the SA was friendly and made me try different hand creams to decide on what I want. She also told me that this in one of their new fragrance.

I felt “Evelyn Rose” smelled better than their regular “Rosewater” hand cream. So I went for it. Also, I picked the 25g purse size as it is the convenient size to carry around in hand bag.

The texture of the cream is very light and feathery. It is so soft to touch, almost like a whipped cream. The moment I apply it, my skin drinks it up. It gets absorbed in a jiffy leaving hands soft, literally 0% greasiness. You will know what I mean, if you are using a touch phone :).

Saying that it is very light and non greasy, I feel the need to reapply the cream after washing my hands. I don’t mind doing that though.

The fragrance is to die for. I can’t stop sniffing my hands after applying it. The strength of the fragrance reduces slightly by time. This is one of the reasons I like to reapply the cream a couple more time 🙂

If I had to compare it with my Loccitane Shea Butter Hand cream, that one was thicker, more moisturizing and works better in keeping hands moisturized for longer time. The Loccitane hand cream can get a little greasier if you apply more. I can put it this way.

• Crabtree & Evelyn “Evelyn Rose” Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy would make a great summer hand cream for anybody. If you have normal skin, then you are lucky to use this throughout the year.

• If you have very dry skin, then I would suggest Loccitane shea butter hand cream over this for winter atleast.

Pros of Crabtree & Evelyn “Evelyn Rose” Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy:

• Super soft, light weight cream.
• Leaves hand very soft
• Lovely rose fragrance. I felt its better than the rosewater one
• Gets absorbed like a dream.
• Non-greasy. Perfect for day time.

Cons of Crabtree & Evelyn “Evelyn Rose” Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy:

I don’t have anything to mention as con. A lovely hand cream that everyone should try.
Final Word :

I’m quite enjoying both my hand creams now. Highly recommended 🙂

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