Crabtree & Evelyn Nantucket Briar Hand Therapy-Review

Crabtree & Evelyn Nantucket Briar Hand Therapy-Review

“Our award-winning shea butter hand cream leaves your hands feeling incredibly smooth and soft.

Award winning shea butter hand cream
Fragrance: A blend of briar roses, bergamot, fresh greens, amber and vanilla.”


$19 /100gm

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My sister got me some Crabtree & evelyn stuff and I was super excited to try this classic tube style hand therapy  more so after I saw Rati’s rating here.I love hand creams and this is just what I wanted!

Usually we end up using hand lotions or butters for our hands but most of the time we are a looking for hand products that just vanish into our skin and don’t remind us all day long that we have a coat on our hands, we don’t want sweaty hands or sticky creams to slather on and this is, believe me my answer to all those non-sticky hand creams I had asked for!

Crabtree&Evelyn Nantucket Biar Hand  therapy ingredients

The tube is so vintage, I love it, though the cap does remind me of boroline a lot times,the texture too may be :p The texture is thick but not at all oily or sticky. The cream just vanishes into the skin and if you use the appropriate right amount, it wont make your hands sweaty too.

Let me give you a background of my skin and current usage of my hands whole day long(not to forget I am a mum to to a very active toddler!) Last week, due to a missing housemaid, I have been doing the dishes all day long and this is how I remembered that my hands need the best. My sister got me this last month, from Australia and I thought I must see how it pampers my hands just when I need it.I was so happy that I had this, because though I keep a hand cream on top of the microwave, those are always a little sticky or oily and not the right choice to use when you want to work in the kitchen and keep your hands soft.

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It smells exactly like Ponds dreamflower talc and I quite like the sweet floral smell this has for my hands to smell fresh after a day’s work in the kitchen.The smell lasts at least an hour or two on me, provided I don’t wash or work much.

I dont have dry hands, my skin is normal even thought I did the dishes, the little moisture loss from my hands was compensated for with this cream , because you need a little and it just vanishes.I notice my cuticles and skin around the nails is softer too and the softness lasts almost all day, though I use it twice a day, ideally once at bed time.

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This is the right hand cream for normal to slightly dry hands with decent amount of pampering-required hands like mine. Dont go overboard or it may give you slightly sweaty hands.I am yet to try this is in the extreme sweaty humid weather here but as of now, in the pleasant and semi-humid weather, this has fared me well.

Crabtree&Evelyn Nantucket Biar Hand  therapy swatch

Last word:

I cannot say how it would fare on very dry hands in extreme winter but for me, this is just what I need for my normal hands in this pleasant weather,I cant wait to try some more from the brand honestly, there is something about it that is addictive!

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    1. okies! me so happy that it’s elle 18. now i can be sure that i will get it next thing tomorrow 😉 khikhikhi! 😛 kuch aur hota toh pocket check karna parta 🙁

    1. chcked and noted dwn the number 😀 kal subah subah bhaagna hain yeh lene ko! 🙂 let me tell u a sheekret! 😉 got my love for corals frm u 😛 especially ur description “carroty” 😉 hihi

  1. I’m currently using TBS hemp hand protector but the smell makes me nauseous. Must check this out.. Btw its names reminds me of a limerick I heard once. There once was a man from Nantucket….the rest doesn’t exactly conform to the standards of decency.

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