Are Crash Diets Healthy?

Weight is the most prominent issue faced by people today. Some want to gain it while others want to part away with it. Inspired by the slender figures seen on tv and magazines women do what not to get into shape. The problem comes when they divert there minds towards the shortcut methods. And one such method is what we call ‘crash diets’.

crash diet
One of my relative, in order to look slim before her wedding, went ahead and followed a crash diet. She literally starved herself for few days, which resulted in additional bills (hospital bills).

What is a crash diet?

Like any other diet a crash diet too is aimed at reducing the weight. The only difference being that in such a diet a person strictly restricts the calorie intake. The focus is more on rapid weight loss than healthy weight loss.

I consider a crash diet no better than outright starvation. Despite a known fact that the results achieved through such diet are not permanent, people do not hesitate to starve themselves.

Effects of crash diets:

Listed below are some of the devastating effects of crash diets.

Hair loss: Hair needs essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins to remain strong and healthy. These needs are not fulfilled in a crash diet, due to which people notice hair fall. Not only hair but our skin is also affected due to it.

crash diet
Lack of Muscle: Body is pushed into starvation mode when a person follows a crash diet. In such a case our body starts to store fat and burn the muscles, which further leads to loss of tissues around organs like the brain and liver.
Lowered Metabolism: Not only our muscles but our metabolism too is affected due to the starvation.
Lack of Energy: Calories give us energy but, crash diets deny calorie intake. This is a major reason a person following a crash diet feels lethargic and tired all the time.
Crash diets do not last for long: When a person returns to normal eating after a period of calorie restraint, they will without doubt gain weight as their body tries to refill its fat reserves. The result will be a higher percentage of body fat than before.
• Someone who is attempting to crash diet is likely to experience intense hunger, misery, depression and food cravings.

crash diet

• Addiction to crash diets may cause calcium deficiency and consequent weakening of bones
• Crash diets accelerate the aging process.
• They also lead to dehydration.

Instead of getting sucked into a crash diet, chose a diet plan that is right for you and adopt a healthy lifestyle. By losing weight safely and slowly, a person will stand a much better chance of maintaining their new weight.

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5 thoughts on “Are Crash Diets Healthy?

  1. During my school days, I have tried these, and ya lost weight, but gained the double of it, in the next week 😆 😆 😆 :toothygrin:

  2. Yup i too have heard that crash diets are not good , but at the same time are weight loss medicines good ? I have heard about slimtone medicine.. can anyone suggest ?

    has anybody tried any medicines for weight loss earlier ?

    1. These medicines are just EYEWASH :spank: :spank: The companies manufacturing these medicines know, people are emotional towards weight issues and would buy for sure, losing weight not that easy, even till now world renowned scientists have not deciphered the complex disease OBESITY, lots of research are going on.

  3. i agree with tapaswini,the only thing which works and does not leave u with a guilty conscience is either a sport (tennis,swimming) or dance (bellydancing exercises does wonders for hard to budge the abdominal fat) or yes,as tedious may it sound , a proper gym routine and a balanced diet 🙂 this isnt as complicated as it sounds,before u know it,it`ll become a way of life,and u`ll have the ideal body to flaunt and health to cherish :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. ya true :thanks: Tapaswini for your reply , i heard that these medicine have side effects like deprived sleep, mood variation 🙂 readin those were frighting :stars: … best is to have warm water after every meal… also yoga :jiggy2: .. and staying away from calories :hunterwali:

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