Crazy Rumors Red Velvet 100% Natural Lip Balm Review

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Thanks to a lot of international websites that have seen buying-potential in India and started their services here. We can lay on hands on so many brands that are not even heard of. I am a dessert addict. I need one over the weekend. I am a serious cake aficionado. A lot of dessert stores around my area know me because I visit them so often and if something is not fresh or up to the mark, they always give me the next one free. How I wish I were a dessert taster! Anyway the reason I picked up red velvet now is very obvious. Red velvet is one of my favourite desserts and this leads me to choose this flavour among a lot of flavours Crazy Rumors offers.
Crazy Rumors Red Velvet 100 Natural Lip Balm (3)

INR 217

Product Description:

Rich Chocolate & Decadent Sweet Cream
‘Red’iculously Good! This Flavor Takes the Cake!
Two Words – Naturally Fun!

That’s what Crazy Rumors is all about! A lip treat unlike any other! The purest, cleanest ingredients found on earth fused with deliciously fun flavors! All Natural & Vegan, indulgently clean, out of this world flavored lip treats made with certified organic ingredients – like super moisturizing organic shea butter and soothing organic jojoba oil.

Infused with only the best naturally derived flavors& pure essential oils, and slightly sweetened with just a hint of natural stevia, so our lip treats not only smell amazing, they taste great too!
Cruelty Free
Made in USA
100% All Natural, Cruelty – Free & Vegan (only the good stuff)


My Experience with Crazy Rumors Red Velvet 100% Natural Lip Balm:

Crazy Rumors is a USA brand (hence the spelling!). Red velvet is part of the “sweet heart” collection. The balm comes in your average sized lip balms tubes and have a very neat label. The label has a flavour of the balm in a circular coloured box to match the flavour of the balm as well as a picture of the object (piece of cake). I love the simplicity in packaging. Red velvet smells amazing! It’s very rich and chocolaty with a hint of creaminess. If you’re a chocolate lover, you would definitely love this. It also has a sweet chocolate scent and just a touch of stevia to make a taste and it actually tastes good. I was licking my lips until I fell asleep. Though it does not smell like actual red velvet which I really wanted it to. So that was a disappointment to me.

Crazy Rumors Red Velvet 100 Natural Lip Balm (2)
Honestly, I never was interested in lip balms and I would even skip reviews of them. I am more of an old school character when it comes to some basic things and Vaseline petroleum jelly was the best I thought. Though I did not like the layered feeling it gave me but I did not care. Well after I started using Crazy Rumors, I just knew I should have cared much earlier, anyway better late than never.

After a really long time I have feel in love with a brand and their product. I’ve got mad respect for the people at Crazy Rumors, making lip balm with a dessert line can only be a wild dream come true. My lips are lip-smacking good after I use this. This lip balm is seriously very soft. I don’t feel I am wearing anything on my lips. Super super light and does not leave that dirty white (whatever you call that) on the sides. I actually licked so much of the product and next morning I could still feel the balm on my lips and I was like whatttt. Super supersuper moisturised and it felt like I have just applied it. Lips feel as smooth as they do after using a lip scrub. I was so in love with this that scrubbed my lips with the FE scrub after I woke up and wore this lip balm and omg I was totally in love with my lips. For the first time I wished I had bigger lips, the coverage area would be more for my hands to feel my awesomely soft lips! 😛

Crazy Rumors Red Velvet 100 Natural Lip Balm (4)

My Likes about Crazy Rumors Red Velvet 100% Natural Lip Balm :

• 100% natural
• Moisturises, moisturises and moisturises
• Easy on the pocket
• Hydration levels are super high
• Lovely packaging
• Lot of product for the price
• 100% does what it claims

Crazy Rumors Red Velvet 100 Natural Lip Balm (4)

My Dislikes about Crazy Rumors Red Velvet 100% Natural Lip Balm :

• Does not smell like Red Velvet.

IMBB Rating:

∞ (infinity symbol) refers to things without any limit. Usually is used in mathematics or physics to express that some things have no limit. I would like to use this for my love for this lip balm!

Thank you for reading!

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