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Rashmi Rekha B. Asks

Please mention some products/creams for dark circles and under eye problem.

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8 thoughts on “Best Cream For Dark Circles: Ask IMBB

  1. Very interesting question. I have horrible dark circles, and currently trying to finish off my Body Shop vitamin E eye cream – only hydrates, doesn’t remove the darkness. The garnier roller ball also did nothing for me. I wish I could try out Aroma Magic – sounds well recommended by IMBB girls.

  2. Creams and gels may work but to some extent.. You cant rely 100% on them.

    Try to find out the underlying cause behind those DCs (dark circles). Some of them may be like stress, tired eyes, lack of sleep, lack of exercises, after effects of some disease, after pregnancy, malnutrition, anaemia, dehydration. The skin beneath eyes is really thin so any damage is first visible there, in form of distended veins or due to increased melanin becuase of sun-exposure.
    Try to do some eye exercises along with suggested creams like Tratak, moving eyes up, down, sidewise, circular.

    Patience with sustained effort is the key along with keeping a check on caffeine, alcohol, certain medicines like birth control tabs, and salt consumption in you food.

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