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Anupama asks:

Hi IMBB Gang!

I need your help! Actually I have dark circles and I am getting married in the month of May. Can you suggest some good and effective under eye cream/gel soon…Thanks!

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14 thoughts on “Cream/Gel For Dark Circles:Ask IMBB

  1. Anupama.. I suggest you aroma magic under eye cream and khadi under eye gel. these products have worked wonders for me 🙂

  2. me using Aroma magic under cream. its good. I got ksheerabala prescribed by my ayurveda doc. it burns if it gets into eyes. but works well. Advance wishes. Bookmark imbb

  3. My dermatologist gave me Rejuderm cream..yu get 50 grms of product for 315 bucks..i’ve been usin it since 5 months and it has reduced my darkcircles by upto 70%.. mine are hereditary, so i cant get rid of them completely.. I’ve tried every undereye cream/gels available in the market..they worked to some extent,but this one gave me the desired results..try it~yu wont regret buying this one..use it religiously for a month and see the result 🙂

  4. I got some samples of eye cream from clinique and they seem to be working quite nicely. Seen some improvement. Might be expensive but if u r ok with splurging a bit, seems like a good product to buy.

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