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I am back after one and a half month’s break. Hope everyone in the IMBB family is in the pink of health. Every makeup geek loves collecting makeup tools and one can never have enough of brushes. Especially when it comes to eye makeup brush range, newer additions are simply inevitable. When you know you have to travel once in a while for sure, a dual brush for eye makeup can be very handy and if obtained on budget, it’s simply unavoidable to let it go. I have always loved Sigma, Estee Lauder & Clinique dual brushes. Recently, I picked up Crown Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush from their Infinity Series. Let’s review it for IMBB.

Crown Deluxe Infinity ShadowCrease Duet Brush Review1


My Experience with Crown Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush:

Crown Deluxe Infinity ShadowCrease Duet Brush Review1

A wide range of brushes is available with Crown Brushes, with absolutely great quality in affordable price range. I purchased this brush through a third party vendor and it came in a simple transparent plastic wrapping, sealed but without a hard plastic case. The handle has a plastic middle portion and metallic silver ferrules. The hell of ferrule holds silky, soft bristles tightly which are made of synthetic hairs. The hair are dark grey and white in color and a wash leaves them squeaky clean of any eye shadow marks.

Crown Deluxe Infinity ShadowCrease Duet Brush Review2

I deliberately washed it after single use to check and there was no shedding and the brush retained its original shape and softness. The brush is a composition of two eye brushes; a shadow brush and a crease brush. I will review the performance separately.

Shadow Brush:

Crown Deluxe Infinity ShadowCrease Duet Brush Review

The shadow brush is a bit wider than usual sizes available, yet perfectly workable. With the size that is approximately same as my eye lid, one single swipe not only deposits eye color on my lid but when I am travelling, I use it for blending too and it gives quite a satisfactory final result. The density of bristles is praise worthy.

Crease Brush:

Crown Deluxe Infinity ShadowCrease Duet Brush Review4

The crease side is, again, slightly different in shape too. I have usually seen rounder headed crease brushes. But, this one is slightly pointed if you take a closer look. This makes my life easier since I easily go overboard with the crease shade and it dominates my eye makeup unintentionally (read up to an irritating level). You can also use it for inner corner shade application with little practice. This one controls my strokes perfectly and I am so happy with this addition in my tools.

Crown Deluxe Infinity ShadowCrease Duet Brush Review3

On the final note, this brush is a must have if you are on a budget and travel once in a while with your makeup stash! 😀 Let’s sum it up:

Pros of Crown Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush:

• Silky, soft and synthetic bristles.
• Easily washable and dries fast without any shedding.
• The ferrules hold the bristles tightly.
• The shadow brush is wide and perfect for lid application.
• The crease brush has a different and pointed shape which makes crease shadow application flawless.
• The shadow side can be used for blending too and the crease side for inner corner of eye with practice rather than carrying separate brush/swabs.
• A multi-purpose brush.
• Light-weight, travel friendly, duet and multi-purpose eye brush.
• Easy on wallet with good quality.

Cons of Crown Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush:

• Availability; nothing else.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Crown Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush?
Not this one! Why shall I when this will stay with me for a long time. Rather, I will explore other brushes soon. But, I totally recommended this one to all brush collectors.

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4 thoughts on “Crown Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush Review

  1. i have heard so many good things about crown brushes. this one sounds awesome. The only problem i find with these double ended brushes is storing. how do you store these? Good review. 🙂

    1. Thank you Rati ma’am 🙂 I use dual ended for traveling usually so carry them in a pouch separately or the other alternative is to keep them in net/lattice compartments of makeup brush sets i own 🙂

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