Crown Face Brushes Review

Crown Face Brushes Review

Hi Beautiful People,

Today is the time to review some Crown Brushes for you, only the facial brushes though. They have pictures of the brushes on their website, but I honestly don’t like them. Sometimes, the brush looks small, but when you actually see it in person, it’s HUGE. I have bought brushes from Crown Brush about a year ago. The more you buy off of their website, the better the deal will be. For example, you want to buy 10 brushes, each 3$, which makes a total of 30$, plus 7$ shipping, then it is 37$. If you divide the total in the amount of brushes you will be buying, you will get the price of how much you’re really paying for each brush. In this case it will be 3.70$ for each brush. But if you instead buy 20 brushes for each 3$, you would technically pay 3.35$ for each brush. Anyway, that was too much math.

First off, I have to say that Crown Brushes are one of the best brushes you can get in the market. Coastal Scents sell Crown brushes and a lot of other companies do too.

Now, on to the brushes I bought.

1. SS014 – Deluxe Flat Bronzer:

This brush you probably already know about. My favorite face brush so far. This is a synthetic stippling brush (synthetic: meaning no animal hair). This brush didn’t shed at all and is super soft. Its quite big which I adore about it because I get done putting on my foundation so much faster. You can apply liquid foundation, bronzer powder or even cream foundation with this brush.

Crown Brushes Review

Pros:  Applies foundation amazingly, super soft, synthetic, no smell.
Cons:  Available only online.

The price is $13.86.

2. C406 – Large Duo Fiber Face:

fiber brush

This brush is a must have, made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibers. If you want your foundation to look very natural and not full coverage, this brush is perfect for that.  You can also apply a cream foundation with this brush. Whatever you are going to use this brush for, it will NOT pick up a lot of product. This brush might not be soft in the beginning, but if you use conditioner after you have washed it, then it will be soft. Don’t forget to wash out the conditioner.

Pros:  Can be used for a lot of products, doesn’t pick up too much product.
Cons:  Can’t be bought in stores for this price.

The price is $8.49.

3.  C106 – Unique Pointed Dome:

dome brush

I bought this because I thought this would be a good blush brush. Oh boy, was I wrong! This brush is HUGE. I have used it for powder, but I’m not thrilled by the way it applies my powder. It’s not so soft, it’s kind of scratchy, even if you wash it and put some conditioner in. This brush is actually in my purse, in case, I need to apply some blush, powder or bronzer, just  for emergency.

Pros:  Good emergency brush.
Cons:  Scratchy, bigger than I thought.

The price is $7.63

4. SS010 – Deluxe Chisel Powder:

Chisel powder brush

This brush is synthetic and so soft. All synthetic brushes are extremely soft. I bought this brush because I wanted a powder brush. I didn’t know it was a “mini” brush, but nevertheless, I love this brush. I use this for my bronzer and powder.

Pros:  Soft, small, doesn’t shed when you wash it.
Cons:  A little too expensive

Price is $10.53.

Personal Opinion:

I love the brushes so much, I can only recommend these to you. A tip is that if you plan on buying from their website, save up some money and buy A LOT. Don’t do the mistake and buy some this month and next month some more, like I did. You will end up paying a lot more. Have a great day!

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  1. Niceee Article Sahar! :yes: :yes:

    Which Brush do u suggest for applyin cream or liquid foundation? SS014 – Deluxe Flat Bronzer or C406 – Large Duo Fiber Face?? ?:) :specs:

    1. if you have seen the artilce on how i apply my foundation on you know that this brush is a must have in every girls life 🙂

  2. These look rather nice,actually! 😀
    My eyes keep wandering back to the stippling brush. :silly: It seems so nice. :preen:
    Nice review,Sahar! :puchhi:

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