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I am from Delhi, studied in Mumbai and now working in Guwahati. I have a combination, sensitive skin which reacts very easily to the weather conditions i.e. it is oily in summers and in humid weather and dry/ flaky in the winters, the T zone being oily most of the times. My skin tans very easily under the sun. Though I have no acne issues but the skin is not not smooth, there are small bumpy eruptions at times. And the most irritating things are the open pores on my cheeks which does not let it look smooth. Kindly suggest me some products for CTM. As of now I am using Lotus face wash, TBS Vit E toner and TBS Vit E moisturizing cream but I am not happy with these products. Also TBS is not available in Guwahati. Also if there is anyone from Guwahati amongst the girls please tell me good skincare and cosmetic shops with a with a wide range to choose from.


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  1. Hi Manika. My skin type is quite similar to yours. It used to be oily but too much of tea tree products made it a little dry so I’ve switched to other products now. I also have the problem of open pores on the sides of the cheeks. Currently I’m using –
    Cleanser- Cetaphil ( one of the best products for cleansing for sensitive skin), I alternate between Dove cucumber and green tea face wash and Lotus jojoba face wash. I like the Lotus one better
    Toner- Fab India tea tree toner is helpful for open pores. Make sure to apply in upward direction (believe me it did make a difference!)
    Moisturizer- I’ve tried Neutrogena oil free moisturizer for Combination skin but it wasn’t hydrating enough. Now I use Biotique Morning Nectar topped with Lacto calamine lotion. Also Fab India Vit E cream is really good! It made my skin glow but broke me out also so I’ve stopped using it.
    Sunscreen – Lotus 3-in-1 matte. Just started using and must say its really amazing. None of the stickiness or greasiness of sunscreens.

    Hope this helps!

  2. errr… manika..i guess you should stop using TBS vitamin e products.they wont suit you…atleast not in summers…cos theey are for normal/dry skin…
    wonder why you have been using it?
    you could try himalaya neem face wash or himalaya face wash for oily skin….
    you could also try cetaphil gentle face wash….any one..as per availability
    TBS toner from their seaweed range would suit your type of skin….
    you could go for lotus basil toner…

    then use any lotus gel or cream or lotion that has spf and is for your skin type…
    i guess anti tan gel…jus check the lotus reviews…you will the one for your type..and that will also keep oil at bay!
    :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. Radhika…i was using TBS Vit E products in the winters here since my skin was very very dry during that tym, and even now since its not humid as of now been so had been using the same products…..but u are right tym for change 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Hello Manika,

    I can relate to your sensitive skin….CONGRATS….YOU DONT BREAK OUT with sensitive skin……here is my take on the products you should be using…

    Cleanser: Use Himalaya neem face wash in the morning and pears fresh and gentle for the evening/night
    Toner: Use biotique fresh cucumber toner…this is a soothing toner I have come across
    Sunscreen: Use biotique redwood tinted moisturiser rose…this has spf 30, protects from UVA and UVB rays and gives a neat coverage.
    Moisturizer: Use biotique coconut milk cream…this has depigmentation properties and also soothes and smooths the skin….I use this as an overnight rescue cream.
    Lip balm: Carry any of the LOTUS lip balms…these are blessed with moisturizing effects with SPF content.

    On the go:

    Cleanse your face with Kara deep pore cleansing pads and splash some water to wash away the residue before applying any product.

    Carry a suncross spf26 lotion in your purse, this is a no shine lotion and does a decent job of sun protection when you are on the go…

    hope this helps…take care

  4. hey manika,m 4m guwahati too : :)) for skincare products I usually go to the Daily Bazaar section in HUB near bhangagarh………there u will get lots of brands lyk lotus, lakme,biotique,jovees,vlcc etc……. another place is Tanz supermarket in zoo road……. d fabindia shop is in uzaan bazaar near d riverside,but dey dnt hv a very large selection of d skincare products……………..for cosmetics plz buy from the shops Pick Me or Sangita in fancy bazaar (dont buy from other places in fancy bazaar as d chance of gettin fakes r higher) or u can buy from d counters in HUB,Sohum Shoppe,Pantaloons or Westside…………hope dis helps u out 🙂

    1. Thanx Debasmita…u have been a saviour….i generally go to Hues in Dona planet but their collection is not very good though the SAs are helpful ….will surely go to fancy bazaar…..thanx again sweetie!!

  5. try the VLCC range of products suitable for ur skin type.. use their Skin defence face wash,rose water toner & the moisturizer u can chk which is good for combi skin.. i am using them (means for dry skin) & quite Happy wid them :yahoo: :yahoo: .. their face wash & toner r for all skin types .. just chk the Moisturizer.. :waytogo: :waytogo:
    & do use Suncreen.. Lotus 3 in 1 matte is guudd… :yes: :yes:

    1. I cant resist saying this…Nids u r soooooooo pretty :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: and thank you for the sugestion :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  6. Pond’s White Magic face wash is the best face wash ever.I have a similiar skin and this product has helped me get by.You could try Emolene to moisturize,it’s super sweet to combination skins and doe not leave face too oily.I normally use rose water as a substitue for toner and Neutrogena sun block.The less stuff you apply on your face the more it will be able to breathe.Also buy a pot of aloe gel.It’s multi purpose and can be used as a pack,cream,under eye gel and also to remove makeup.

    1. Aloe vera gel is really nice but had a bad experience with it….i had bought in delhi and it was sticky sticky :(….and I totally totally agree with the using only few products funda!!

  7. well i must say plz do consult a dermatologist as ur skin is sensitive and u can develop rashes and other skin problems very easily as mine skin is also sensitive …. i m allergic to aloe vera and coconut oil which is considered as the most hypoallergic products……so blessed with such wierd sensitive skin u should consult a skin specialist…..

    but still for cleanser u may use cetaphil cleanser its made for sensitive skin or else u can use kama cleanser …..if its not available u can try clean and clear face wash (but dont expect miracle from it) …..if not u may may make ur own cleanser by mixing gramflour chickpea flour (besan) sandalwood powder tulsi powder and turmeric powder

    for toner u may use fabindia toner (tea tree , orange spray or rosewater ) if fabindia is not available u may use plain rosewater from different brands dabur gulabari or patanjali ( its the most natural organic rosewater ) or may make your own toner boiling few green tea leaves in water and cool and store in refriegretor ( i know its in abundance in guwahati do send us some if u r benefitted 😉 likewise cucumber toner or mint toner can be made by same way

    for moisturizer i suggest using cetaphil or khadi rose aloevera moisturizing lotion lakme peach and plum or avacado moisturizer u may also try aplhamoist from lotus herbal chosing the moisturizer is the most difficult one till date i haven’t find mine……. :stars:

    for sensitive skin u need packs u may try powdered packs available in the market such as ayur sandalwood pack or neem pack or tulsi pack dont go for readymade fack pack as they contain some amount of bleaching agent and alchohol that irritates the skin …..

    sadly there is not much remedies available for open pores……however clinique pore minimizer do have positive response else u may rub ice cubes of rosewater on your face or add little camphor and glycerine in rosewater and use it as toner (but do patch test first ) ……

    open pores can be eaily hidden by good makeup tricks do watch rati’s tutorial u will sure be benefiitted and take healthy diet lots of vegies and fruits… lessen samaso and kachoris drink lots of water and juices and lessen the cold drinks and caffiene ….

    1. Ashna……thanks for the detailed suggestions…..i will first do my part in taking care of my skin and if it still doesnt work i will see a dermatologist……but the rosewater ice cubes wala idea is pretty cooooool :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  8. hi manika my skin is exactly like ur skin
    cleansers i love cetaphil cleanser too good. but am curretnly using ponds face wash in lemon green colour tube. its really brighten up my face and non drying too.
    toner I have lotus basil toner. though I use very rarely. but it is good ffor combi skin
    moisturizer. my favourites are lotus alpha moist and neutrogena oil free moisturizer for combi skin
    day cream i love ponds tinted moisturizer. tried biotique tinted moisturizer red sandal wood. but it was too creamy but did not break me out.
    compact – currently using revlon touch and glow. but i love lotus compact . i have lakme radiance and loreal natural blend compact too. maybrelline white stay leaves whitish cast .
    bbut am in look out for a good compact.
    sunscreen – my all time favourite LOTUS 3 in 1 MATTE. love love love it.
    currently this one is out of stock in my city. so am hunting for it. 😐

  9. Cleanser- himalaya neem face wash
    Toner- TBS tea tree toner
    Moisturizer- I only use Lacto calamine in summers
    Night – Patanjali aloe vera gel.

    The above products have been really helpful for my oily skin in summers. In winters I used the same products+ a moisturiser (garnier light) under lacto calamine.

  10. hii .. my skin is vry sensitive .i am reactive to all sunscreens. nor can i use face lightening cream of ponds, neutrogena, lakme and of all other leading brands bcuz i get reacton aftr using dis.. pls can som1 suggest a cream dat cn suit me..

  11. Hi
    I have a query regarding the CTM routine for combi skin. I am nearing 30s and about to get married so have been sugested to start on daily CTMS and anti -aging cream.
    My ques are:
    –>do we put anti-aging cream after moisturizer and before sunscreen?? ( i dont prefer a night cream since i want to let my skin breathe)
    –>what about foundation/makeup- does one put it after sunscreen or skip it???

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