Curatio Triflow Hair Conditioner Review

Curatio Triflow Hair Conditioner Review

Dear Beauties,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Today, I am going to review one of my favorite HG products for my hair and its Curatio’s Triflow Hair Conditioner.  A couple of months back, my hair fall increased quite a lot and during my monthly laser treatment visits to my dermatologist, I asked her to prescribe some medicated shampoo and conditioner. I have been using this conditioner starting August and absolutely love it! I have already finished one tube and bought my second one!

Curatio Triflow Hair Conditioner Review

Product Description:

Triflow Hair Conditioner 2

Ingredient List:

Triflow Hair Conditioner 3


250 INR for a quantity of 150 gm.

My Experience with Curatio Triflow Hair Conditioner:

Triflow hair conditioner comes in a big black tube with a flip cap. The cap is quite sturdy and shuts tight, so there is no spillage. I have even taken this with me on my trips to Mumbai and never faced any issue, but of course, I always keep all liquid products in a separate plastic bag within my luggage. The entire info with detailed ingredient list is printed on the carton as well as on the tube. Overall, a decent packaging, nothing too attractive about it.

Triflow Hair Conditioner 5

The conditioner has a creamy lotion type consistency, not too thick and not too runny. It has a mild fragrance which reminds me of mouth fresheners, not that typical cheap smell, but this one is actually quite pleasant and I am really loving it! I have quite a dry scalp with hair which is dry and tends to get oily in a couple of days after the hair wash. I have been using this conditioner along with my homemade shampoo as well as medicated shampoo which was prescribed to me and which I will be reviewing shortly and to be honest this is the best conditioner I have ever used for my hair!

Triflow Hair Conditioner 6

Now, let’s go a bit more into details – Why do we use a conditioner? Often shampoos are harsh and strip the scalp and hair of their natural oils making them dry. Dryness leads to hair fall, breakage and split ends! Conditioners are used to do exactly opposite of shampoo, i.e., give moisture to our hair making them soft and manageable. Manageable hair means less tangles, less breakage and less split ends, right?

Triflow Hair Conditioner 7

Triflow Hair Conditioner 8

This conditioner does exactly that! It makes my hair silky, soft, manageable, tangle free! I feel it brings my hair alive! Does not weigh down the hair at all. My hair looks naturally healthy.  You would have the same feeling when you use other silicon-based conditioners and of course your hair does feel soft and silky but in an artificial way, you know you have used a conditioner with silicones to get that but with Triflow, no artificial conditioning feel at all! I absolutely love this conditioner and its become my HG!

Pros of Curatio Triflow Hair Conditioner:

  • Makes hair soft and silky.
  • Hair becomes manageable and tangle free, so less breakage and split ends.
  • For the price, the product is quite sufficient in quantity and will go for a month.
  • Imparts natural bounce and volume to hair.
  • Imparts natural shine to hair.
  • The hair appears naturally healthy and gorgeous!
  • The fragrance is pleasant which fades after a couple of hours.
  • Gentle enough and can be used every day.
  • I see less hair fall while washing my hair when I use this conditioner.

Cons of Curatio Triflow Hair Conditioner:

  • It does contain silicones, but honestly, I don’t care because first it does not give my hair that artificial silicone feeling and second it was recommended by my dermatologist, but yeah, this can be a con for someone.
  • Availability is a problem, not easily available across all chemists.

IMBB Rating:


I highly recommend giving this conditioner a try! Its absolutely the best conditioner I have tried till date!!

Hope this review was helpful.  Until next time, take care and stay beautiful!

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33 thoughts on “Curatio Triflow Hair Conditioner Review

  1. one more good product recomendation from you parita and Nice review !! must try this one for sure parita.!! your reviews as usual are very useful !
    i too am suffering from heavy hairfall since last 6-7 months ! Tried so many things doesnt work at all !!
    Laser treatment ? y r u taking laser treatment parita ?

    1. I am glad you liked it kanak..m going for laser for my side locks..m very hairy 😀
      for hairfall did you visit any derma? there are variety of reasons for hairfall..get your iron checked..make sure you don’t have dandruff and also trim your hair every 3 to 4 me its very important…other than that I use mintop hairfall solution recommended by my derma and take vitamins daily..they are very important for overall health especially for us ladies..also i swear by my cantharidine hair oil..i have reviewed on imbb do check that out..regular usage helps with hairfall and also maintenance and use this conditioner is fabulous! hope this helped kanak 🙂

  2. where do i get this…pls someone help me…it is not availabe hea in my city..
    i need it badly..suffering 4m the same rati mentioned!!!

  3. Nice review Parita!
    Even I was prescribed this once by my dermatologist…used couple of times and lost the tube in shifting… never bought again…forgot the name 😐 now seeing the pics in your review, I could recollect…
    I liked it the couple of times I used it…
    Which shampoo are you going to review… is it Triclenz ?

  4. Hey Parita..such a nyc revu..thanx..
    I am also suffering from major it checked at Kaya but to no avail..:(..i dont understand whether I have dry or normal way to check dat..plz suggest..also I have tried too many things including kaya nourishing shampoo but nothing worked..n wat vitamins & iron tablets do you consume??

    1. hi jyoti..hairfall can cause due to a lot of reasons..i highly suggest you first visit a dermatologist not kaya! iron medications or rather any medication would depend upon your iron level so better let the derma decide what you need but yeah taking vit b complex etc should not harm..also i use mintop hair solution again recommended by my derma but one thing which i highly recommend using is cantharidine hair oil..check out my review on it here..i have been using it pretty much for more than 26yrs now and swear by it..regular usage will help in controlling the hairfall and also maintain the hair..another thing which we need to remember is hairfall problem will not disappear over usually takes 3 to 6 months for it to show visible results but dont give up..also i do take some vit/tablets specifically for my hair growth again prescribed by my visit your dermatologist asap..hope this helps

  5. looks good, thnx for the info, I use another good conditioner, it’s Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Conditioner which helps to restore the damaged hair and conditions hair back to its natural health. 🙂

  6. Hii, parita… am suffering from hairfall from past 3-4mnths. Did this conditioner works on my hair? Is there any specific shampoo to be used for this conditioner? May i know what is the price of the conditioner? By the way you look soo pretty… 🙂

    1. Hi Swathi, apologize for the delay in reply, this conditioner was suggested to me by my dermatologist and that too since I was facing hairfall, so yes its good for hairfall but dont misunderstand, this conditioner will not stop your hairfall nor decrease it but help in maintaining healthy hair, I highly recommend you visit a derma fr your hairfall problem, or try using mintop hair solution, i have reviewed it on imbb, i have been using it since long time n it def works for me 🙂

  7. Hi, thank you for this post, parita. My mother is a dermatologist and I’ve been using Triflow, Triclenz and other medicated shampoos for years now but I really itched to use loreal, garnier, tresemme etc. This and another tresemme conditioner review post changed my mind 🙂
    I think I’ll stick to Ma’s recommendations 😀

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