How to Cure Puffy Eyes

The skin around our eye area is the most delicate and sensitive. The first sings of stress, illness, late night parties etc can be seen on it in form of puffiness, redness, dark circles and so on.

Puffy eyes can be caused due to various factors such as crying, inadequate sleep, excessive intake of alcohol, stress, allergies, high blood pressure, hereditary factor etc.

Puffy eyes

With some simple home remedies puffiness around the eyes can be cured easily but, it should be remembered that if the puffiness is accompanied by blurred vision and pain then a doctor must be consulted.

Some simple home remedies for puffy eyes:

• The main reason for puffy eyes is inadequate sleep so in order to avoid them getting a proper sleep is a must.
• Eat less salt because when taken in more quantity salt, increases fluid retention in the body and hence puffiness around the eyes is caused.
• Exercise daily to let the fluid inside your body move rather that accumulate and cause puffy eyes.
• Placing cucumber slices on the eyes is age old formula that works extremely well to reduce puffiness as well as dark circles around the eyes. Use cucumber slices or juice on the dark circles to lighten them. Place thinly cut slices on your eyes for 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

Puffy eyes

• Place chilled eye masks or metal spoon on your eyes for few minutes to reduce puffiness.
• Apply cream with Vitamin E around the eyes before sleeping. Almond oil works equally well.
• Avoid rubbing eyes frequently as it would only aggravate the problem.
• Stay hydrated, a golden rule to avoid majority of skin problems.
• Apply honey around the eyes and let it stay for 20 minutes. Wash face with cold water.
• Apply aloe vera gel on the eyes and wait for 10 minutes before washing your face with cold water.
• Include a daily dose of multivitamin.

Puffy eyes
• Always remove your eye makeup gently. Never sleep with your eye makeup on.
• Grate a potato and place it on your eyes for about 30 minutes then wash your face with warm water.
• Place tea bags, soaked in water, on your eyes for about 20 minutes this will help reduce puffiness and dark circles.
• Apply cotton pads soaked in chilled rose water on your eyes for about 10 minutes daily to cure puffy eyes.
• Eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C and E.
• Soak cotton balls in chilled milk and place them on your eyes for 10 minutes. Wash your face as usual.
• Keep your head slightly elevated while sleeping to avoid the accumulation on fluids under the eyes which in turn causes puffy eyes.
• Never lie on your stomach while sleeping if you want to avoid getting puffy eyes in the morning.

Have you tried any of the above tricks earlier, if not then go ahead and avail the benefits and if yes then tell us how effective it was?

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  1. i have pufffy eyes… bad ones :((
    i put two spoons in the freezer at night , morning mein i put their ulta side on eyes for one two minutes .. feels gret and eyes look human too 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. OH my what a co-incidence, from past one week I was very much worried about my puffy eyes, n was reading so many articles and here it came.
    Also I would like to add one more point puffiness adds up even due to less hemoglobin levels :))

  3. Whenever I get up in the morning and I have huge puffy eyesthe fastest way to look noirmal for me at college is by putting loads of kajal eyes and wearing my specs :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  4. Nice article Era, even i have the same problem but cucumber slices work really well for me so dont have to worry…..

  5. Hi
    Good article on puffy eyes but i m having this problem for long time i have tried so many thing but still i have not found any permanent solution i feel not good pl suggess

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