How To Make Curly Hair Smooth: Ask IMBB

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Sunitha Murmu asks:

Its about my hair.  My hair is so rough and curly, so every time I shampoo, my hair looks like wildlife lion hair, how can I make it smooth and curly?

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11 thoughts on “How To Make Curly Hair Smooth: Ask IMBB

  1. I use the curly girl method. That is, I wash it everyday with silicone free conditioner(I shampoo once a week) and when I get out of the shower and my hair is still wet, I apply leave in conditioner and scrunch(with a cotton tshirt) it to form tighter curls and leave it to air dry. Trust me it keeps my curls looking very soft yet defined and my hair is very very manageable and it looks real pretty. Hope I helped ! (:

      1. Hi Deepa,
        I use TIGI Beadhead Smalltalk mousse which comes in a purple pump bottle. It adds volume without making hair frizzy or dry and is best used when you’re not putting heat to your hair. My mom uses Matrix Biolage leave in serum and she says its pretty good too.

        1. TIGI Beadhead Smalltalk mousse is not reviewed yet …would be great if u could do same. ofcourse if u and Rati are okay with it 🙂

        2. Thanks Christine. I will try it.. I hve tried Tigi Peace Planet Daily shine conditioner which was good.. Is the one you are talking available online. And does your mother hve curly hair..

          1. I have curly thick hair and my mom’s is wavy thick. If you have curly hair, I guess bedhead would be a good option for hydrating without weighing hair down.

            1. Also, it is available online but shipped to limited cities.
              Hi Neha,
              I will try to do the review. Thanks for mentioning (:

  2. Curly hair runs in my family,so i was born with it,and had been trying ever since to tame it,i had tried it all,home remedies to high end salon products and nothing ever worked….till surprisingly i started using Patanjali’s kesh kanti shampoo,it worked miracles on my dry curly hair,that no other product had even done.,also i slightly oil my hair,at the ends while it is still a bit wet.thats all i have been doing these days to my hair,and my hair has never been better.Do try it.

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