Cut/Defined Crease Makeup Tutorial For Hooded Eyes



Cut/Defined Crease Makeup Tutorial For Hooded Eyes


A defined or cut crease is a look that suits any eye shape and especially helps the hooded eyes beauties in further enhancing their eyes. The darkness in the crease can be turned down for a more subtle effect and using a color just few shades darker than the skin tone helps in giving in an even more natural effect and if you want an even more defined and an absolute “cut” crease, blend the dark color with a very light hand. I have used black and pink as they show up very clearly and also because I was later planning to wear a black and pink outfit *wink*.

The products used for this look are:

02 Defined-Cut Crease Tutorial

The brushes used for this look are:

03 Defined-Cut Crease Tutorial

04 Defined-Cut Crease Tutorial

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Step 1:

Start with priming and concealing the eyelids as needed.

Step 2:

I used a bright pink and applied it all over the eyelid.

Step 3:

I then used a creamy black pencil and drew a rough outline of where my crease is, this is the line in the socket where the eyeball connects to the eye socket, so just feel around for that and trace over it. I connected this line to the lower lash line by creating an outer V. This helps in creating an almond eye shape. Those with hooded eyes should definitely try this technique. It is one of the nicest techniques to change the eye shape. (The smudged mistake of black will be later covered with pink eyeshadow).

Step 4:

I blended the black out using a stiff brush. I used a touch of black eyeshadow to smoke out the crease color.

Step 5:

I placed a shimmery pink color over the centre of the eyelid. This is optional, I was attending a wedding so went for a shimmery look.

Step 6:

Apply eye liner connecting the V already created in Step 3. Placing the black color as done in Step 3 also helps in applying gel or liquid liner later, as the wing has already been created, one needs to just connect it to the inner corner & darken it as required.  I also applied a white on the brow bone, the inner tear duct area and also on half the lower lash line.  On the outer lower lash line, I applied the dark pink eyeshadow. Mascara is next and then concealer below the eyes to help clean up and brighten the area.

Camera 360

And that’s it, the look is done!

06 Defined-Cut Crease Tutorial

Here is a full face shot from that wedding. *feeling too shy :P* Some of you had asked for it. I wanted my makeup to match my outfit.


The lipstick used here is a mix of ELF’s Gypsy and Posh with a Maybelline pink lip liner (the name has rubbed off) under it. On my cheeks is a pink blush from Coastal Scents and an ELF highlighter (the flash has totally washed the colors off, I wish I had photographed in natural lighting). The foundation is a mix of Revlon Photoready Foundation and MAC Studio Fix Plus Liquid foundation. I set it all with MAC Studio Fix powder compact.

I hope you guys liked this and see you all soon, until next time Happy Makeuping!

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43 thoughts on “Cut/Defined Crease Makeup Tutorial For Hooded Eyes

  1. Nafisa I am dhishhhhhhhh like litrally behosh to look at those beautiful moroccon eyes. last i remember i saw an arab girl with such dramatic and killer eyes makeup , u deserve a bow, now i relaize that eye makeup is an art too! kudos

  2. gorgeous.. beautiful you and your name..
    Hey can you please tell me what are the basic makeup brushes or in short a must haves for achieving flawless makeup?

    1. Thanku Reeema! 🙂
      the brushes mentioned here, as in a fluffy bledning brush, a flat shader brush to pack on colors & a slim liner brush r pretty much all u need for an eye makeup look, u can create any look with just these, for face makeup, u need a good powder brush – fluffy dense, a foundation brush/sponge (depends on what formulation of foundation u prefer), an additional blush brush which is small yet fluffy would just comeplete th look 🙂

  3. omg.. i cant take my eyes off seriously!! flawless eye make up and beautiful u………. 🙂
    hats off to ur art.. its nt an easy task gal!! U are amazinggggggggg

  4. Hey naf u have give wonderful tips.. I have hooded eyes and shaping my eyes have always been a prob.. Ur pic look lovely.. Plzz do a ootd soon.. V wid luv to c that.. Moreover I wud like to say ur tuitorials r sooo detailed its really helps… Thanks dear .. Keep up d gud work 🙂

  5. Love this! Looks so pretty on you and it’s really helpful as well! And I love how you did your eyeliner, it really makes your eyes even more beautiful! And you look great in the last pic, the look goes perfectly with your dress 😀 Definitely going to try this look myself 😀

  6. Mashallah ur lookng stuning.. My c0usin is g8ng maried on 6th feb n i hav taken d initial resp0nsbility of makeup n all so m jst g0in tr0ugh ur diy..

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