20 Cute Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoo is in the wishlist of many of the women out there but most of the women are confused as to what tattoo she should go for. Most of the tattoo artists mention that it is better to go for something that is related to your heart or family or loved ones because, going for some random design may bore you at a point. After years, if you feel that you do not like the tattoo, you would have to invest even more to modify it or to remake the design, hence it is better to be very clear about the tattoo designs before you jump on it. Here are some inspiration designs that will look cute and will fetch you a lot of compliments for sure.

1. It is always said that rather than going for a coloured design, it is always better to go for the black ink because, the colour remains the same throughout the years. If you go for coloured ones, then there are chances that the colour may turn into some other colour after a few years depending upon your skin tone. Writing a quote which you like, something that inspires you or is related to a closed one is the best option to go for. Something like this will always look pretty fine if you do not want to go for plain quotes, you can add those little birds, stars or bows.

cute tattoos

2. This is one tattoo that is the safest option to go for because, it may include either your name, your closed ones name or the name of you and your partner which would make it perfect for a long term as well and you will never regret creating such a tattoo design. Either going for your single name or with your partner’s name in this infinity design with feathers and birds are some cute options to opt for.

3. The design of the stars is one of the most common and basic design that women go for since it does not have any complications and looks very pretty as well. You can also write some quote that inspires you in your life and will remind every day about your motto and inspirations.

4. Some women may like big tattoos, but most of them want to go for smaller designs which are not much visible to everybody. They want to go for designs that will look delicate and sophisticated. And the best option to opt for is finger tattoos. Respect, loyalty, love tattoo is one the most trending designs that will add a lot of spice on your fingers. And on the other hand, one more thing that you can do is add the name of your partner, mother, father, siblings with a few dates that you would like to remember.

5. If you opt to make a tattoo on your neck or décolletage, then it is the best to go for designs that are small and do not look very overpowering. Opt for bigger designs only for your hands, arms and legs. And for the neck and cape, keep it minimal. Stay strong is a beautiful quote that will help everybody in their lives and this little crown will also had a lot of hotness on your body.

6. If you want to dedicate something to your partner on their birthday, anniversary or a little gift for the Valentine’s Day, then the quote is of “I love you to the moon and back” looks very pretty. Also, these little feathers and leaves will add a lot of grace to your skin.

7. If you want to get a tattoo done and this has always been your wish list, but do not want that either to be very showy or very much visible to everybody, then doing it on your feet is the best option. See how beautiful these little quotes and heart look on the feet.

8. If you are a girly girl and love movies like “sex and the city” and “Mean girls”, then you are sure to love these tattoos with the bow and the lipstick. If wake up and make up is your motto, then surely get the lipstick done and you will love it for the rest of your life.

9. Women commonly include bows, feathers and infinity signs in their tattoos as they are the most common designs and will never go out of trend. These designs are perfect if you want to make them on your shoulders or the back.

10. If your life is all about dream-catchers, feathers and Unicorns, then these designs are the best ones to go for. The dreamer tattoo will look very beautiful on the wrist area where it will cover your entire wrist. And the anklet tattoo with the dream-catcher and feathers will be perfect for your feet and will add a lot of glamour as well.

These are some super cute tattoo designs that you can opt for, but the best option to go for is to ask the tattoo artist to customise your tattoo design because, that design will be unique and made only for you depending upon your needs and wants. And make sure you take extra care when you get a new one done and re-ink it whenever needed.

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