Dabur Almond Hair Oil Review

Dabur Almond Hair Oil

Hey Everyone:)

I think everyone of us want beautiful, soft and shiny hair. Almond oil helps in getting so called dream hair:D
So today my review is on Dabur Almond Hair Oil.
Read further to know how this product worked for me:)

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Dabur Almond Hair Oil is formulated with
100% more Vitamin E*: to help deep moisturize and condition hair giving softer, smoother, shinier hair.
Almond Protein: To help strengthen hair from root to tip giving stronger hair and less hair breakage. Keeping hair damage free.

Ingredients: Mineral Oil 74%, Vegetable Oil including Almond Oil 23%, Almond Protein Ester, Sugandhit Dravya, Vitamin E Acetate, Avobenzone, Antioxidant-TBHQ, C.I, 47000, 26100

Price: INR 50 for 100ml

Shell Life: 3 years

Almond oil

My experience with Dabur Almond Hair Oil:

I have been suffering from dry/ frizzy hair from years together. What all have I not tried but every time same problem with my hair. We all know that almond oil is very good for hair. It promotes hair growth and keeps them soft and manageable. When I was looking for almond oil I found this, and instantly picked it up.

Coming to the packaging, the bottle is made up of glass. And it has a flip-open type cap. The cap is not that tight, hence there are chances of oil to spill in case not closed properly.

Consistency of the oil is bit runny, so this results in easy application to the hair and it spreads easily too, as you can see in the swatch. Coming to the smell, it has the aroma of almond with some fragrance which is very mild. Also it can be washed off easily from hair as it’s not that greasy compared to coconut oil.

I usually apply it overnight and wash my hairs in the morning.

Overall I am supper happy with this product, due to frequent usage over a period of 2 months it has made my hair soft, less frizzy and more manageable and also promoted hair growth *happydance*

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Pros of Dabur Almond Hair Oil

• Dirt cheap
• Easily available
• Spreads easily on hair
• Has pleasant smell
• Easily gets washed off from hair
• Makes hair soft
• Controls frizz
• Promotes hair growth
• I have also observed it loosens my curl and makes hair bit straight ( at least for me )

Cons of Dabur Almond Hair Oil

• Packaging is bad, comes in a glass bottle so one needs to handle it carefully
• Flip-open cap is not that strong
• Not Travel friendly

Will I repurchase Dabur Almond Hair Oil?

A big yes, I am already on my 2nd bottle:)

Will I recommend it to others?

Yes if you are looking for soft, manageable and less frizzy hair

IMBB Rating: 5 / 5

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4 thoughts on “Dabur Almond Hair Oil Review

  1. I will surely give ths one a try, as I use bajaj almond drops… and yes its true- Almond oil gives u ur dream hair ***touchwood***
    *thankyou* for the review

  2. It seems like a copy paste product of bajaj almond drops…lol… Anyways its main content is mineral oil which is not a good ingredient! *nababana*

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