Dabur Vatika Black Olive Black Shine Shampoo Review

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I picked up Vatika Henna Shampoo and Vatika Black Olive Black Shine shampoo in the same haul and this one luckily proved to be much better for my hair. Let’s read on to know the difference between the two and further details on the results.

Price: $3.75 for 200 ml
Product Description:
Discover the true herbal solution for natural black shine and strong hair with Vatika Black Olive Shampoo! Made with the finest Mediterranean Black Olives, it gives your hair a youthful shine and makes them extra strong. The Dabur Vatika Black Shine Shampoo is marketed for people who wish to obtain silky and shiny dark hair while avoiding gray or white hairs. It is a formulation that is enriched with Amla (Indian Gooseberry), black olives and henna although the latest rehash of this product switches henna for almond and is known as the Black Olive & Almond Shampoo.

My Take on Dabur Vatika Black Olive Black Shine Shampoo:

The Dabur Vatika Black Olive Black Shine Shampoo carried the label for weak and dull hair and I have both. A short description about my hair: thin, limp, dry and prone to breakage and split ends. It doesn’t carry much volume either and I am too occupied in everyday routine to incorporate hair masks and treatments to improve it.

The Vatika Black Olive Black Shine Shampoo has a regular packaging and I love the leaf design embedded near the tightly closing cap. The bottle isn’t too huge and can be travelled with if you don’t have a smaller container. The cap doesn’t allow any spillage.

The black coloured shampoo lathers rich but requires a decent amount for every wash, which means the bottle won’t last long if you are an everyday hair washer like me. I know it is a damaging habit but oily scalp compels and lifeless hair has become a compulsion for the poor practice in my life. If you have oiled your hair, two washes are definitely needed to get clean hair. It rinses clean without residue. The Vatika Black Olive Black Shine Shampoo is infused with the typical Vatika fragrance, nothing related to olives and lingers for a while in your strands. It doesn’t trouble me but I would have preferred a fragrance-free shampoo especially when Vatika is talking about natural ingredients etc.

Moving to the results, let me clear that the weather currently is rough and extremely dry. This has affected my hair too and I am experiencing hair breakage and bad hair days despite washes. The Vatika Black Olive Black Shine Shampoo has reduced hair breakage to some extent. It makes my hair softer and shinier, though not praiseworthy. It facilitates easy detangling and combing too. My hairs feel manageable and I can style it easily. However, my hair isn’t as silky as I want it to be, but that’s due to the weather.

Summing it up in pros and cons:

Pros of Dabur Vatika Black Olive Black Shine Shampoo:

• Rinses clean without any residue.
• Makes hair smoother and softer.
• Easily detangles the hair.
• Reduces hair breakage.
• Travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Dabur Vatika Black Olive Black Shine Shampoo:

• Didn’t add extra shine as claimed.
• Not fragrance-free.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Dabur Vatika Black Olive Black Shine Shampoo?
I will rate it just an average, everyday shampoo for normal hair. The claims are taller than results. Dull and lifeless hair should not expect miracles from this bottle. If you have normal hair, give it a try and I will consider a repurchase in summer.

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