Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo Review

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Dabur Vatika has recently launched a few new shampoos and I picked up two of them. Today, I am going to review Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo. Now, let’s get into the details.

Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo Review

Price: Rs. 105 for 180 ml
Product Description:
For problem free, healthy hair
Need one single solution to all your hair woes? Try Vatika Health Shampoo. Enriched with goodness of seven naturally nourishing ingredients like amla, shikakai, olives & almonds; it can help protect your hair against damage like dandruff, dryness and hair fall, split ends and scalp infections. Say hello to thick, healthy & strong hair!

Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo Claims

Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo Ingredients

My Experience with Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo:

Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo comes in a green plastic bottle with a flip cap. The bottle is nice and has a travel-friendly size. This shampoo comes in various size options so it is really good to buy a travel-friendly size. This is quite affordable and easily available as well. The shampoo has a nice green colored medium consistency that glides well on hair and the formula is good enough to create lather quickly. It is also easy to rinse. I like the formula and I only need a small amount of the product each time.

Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo Packaging

The shampoo contains following seven amazing ingredients: olive, amla, hibiscus, almond, reetha, shikakai, and henna. These ingredients are very popular in India and are actually excellent for hair care. This ingredient list of this shampoo attracted me and these ingredients actually do their job pretty well. I have a pretty oily scalp with normal hair and this shampoo works quite well for me. It removes dirt and impurities from the hair and makes hair clean and fresh. It also reduces greasiness without making my hair or scalp dry.

Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo Front

I usually love overnight oiling and this shampoo cleans oiled hair easily with just two washes. It has a nice fresh fragrance that lasts long. I’ve never noticed any extra hair fall after using this but it can’t control hair fall either. It keeps hair smooth and manageable. It also keeps my hair in perfect place for a decent time period. It is a moisturizing shampoo but I have to follow up with a conditioner to keep my hair frizz-free. Without a conditioner, it can’t keep hair manageable all long day.

Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo Bottle

It makes hair soft and smooth. It is good enough for normal hair and also keeps it bouncy. I can style my hair easily and it never makes it limp. Basically, it does its job nicely and keeps hair nourished. It provides a good amount of hydration to normal hair. But, if you have extremely dry and damaged hair, then it can’t repair it. As the name suggests, it as a health shampoo. So, it helps to make hair healthy and strong.

Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo Cap

It is a good option for everyday use but not a great option for damaged hair. My hair tends to look frizzy by the end of the day when I use this shampoo. The ends also feel dry. Otherwise, it is a nice shampoo but it cannot treat hair.

Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo Swatch

Pros of Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo:

• Nice, travel-friendly packaging.
• Affordable and easily available.
• Contains good ingredients.
• A coin sized amount is needed each time.
• Has a very pleasant smell.
• Spreads easily on the scalp.
• Does not irritate my scalp.
• Cleanses oiled hair.
• Keeps hair oil-free.
• Makes hair soft, smooth and healthy.
• Keeps scalp oil-free.
• Hair becomes naturally bouncy.
• A nice everyday shampoo.

Cons of Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo:

• Nothing extraordinary.
• Can’t repair extremely dry and damaged hair.
• Hair becomes frizzy by the end of the day.
• Must be followed up with a conditioner.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo?
It works well on my normal hair but I prefer to use hydrating shampoos.

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