Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Smoothing Treatment Shampoo Review

Hello ladies,
Last month I reviewed two Vatika shampoos and I quite liked them. So again I have picked a new variant of Vatika shampoo.

Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Smoothing Treatment Shampoo Review

Price: Rs. 59 for 80 ml

Product Description:
product description


My Experience with Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Smoothing Treatment Shampoo:

Vatika smoothing treatment shampoo comes in a light green plastic bottle with a fliptop cap. This shampoo comes in various size options, so there is always a travel friendly size available.

This shampoo nicely lathers on hair and easily blends on scalp. After using this shampoo, I feel that it really works to keep hair soft and moisturized. As it is an oil balanced shampoo, so it never makes my scalp dry. Also, it keeps my scalp oil free for long and it never looks greasy at all. It can nicely clean all the dirt from my hair and also can clear the excess oil from hair. I usually love overnight oiling and it cleans oiled hair easily with two washes.


I never notice any hair fall after using this. But it can’t control already persistent hair fall problems. It keeps hair smooth and manageable. It is a moisturizing shampoo but I still I feel extremely dry hair will need a conditioner as my baby hair look frizzy after few hours. But this particular range doesn’t have any conditioner.


It gives a nice shine to my hair. Basically it does its job nicely and keeps hair nourished. But if you have extremely dry damaged hair, it can’t repair them. Also the effect doesn’t stay long, because at the end of the day, my hair becomes little frizzy. Also it can’t keep hair tangle free for all day. So smoothing treatment is not a proper name for this shampoo.
It has a pleasant smell and the smell stays long on hair. It feels good and fresh. Vatika smoothing treatment shampoo has a nice medium consistency. This shampoo contains olive and Henna. Both the ingredients are extremely good for hair to keep them soft and smooth.


It keeps hair manageable but nothing amazing as we already have so many options in the market.

Pros of Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Smoothing Treatment Shampoo:

• This is so reasonably priced and easily available.
• Contains good ingredients for hair.
• Need a coin-sized amount for each use.
• Has a very pleasant smell.
• Easily blends on scalp and never irritates my scalp.
• Nicely cleans oiled hair and keeps hair oil free.
• Makes hair soft, smooth.
• Provides a nice shine.
• Keeps scalp oil free.
• Hair becomes naturally bouncy and manageable.
• Works nice as a daily use shampoo.

Cons of Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Smoothing Treatment Shampoo:

• Nothing extraordinary and it doesn’t feel like a treatment shampoo.
• Can’t repair the extremely damaged hair.
• Not super effective shampoo for super dry hair.
• Hair becomes little frizzy at the end of day.

IMBB Rating: 3.8/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Smoothing Treatment Shampoo?
It works well on my normal hair. But I like the Split Treatment shampoo more. So I am not sure about the repurchase. If you have normal or little dry hair, then you can try this for daily use. It is an average one but nice.

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