Daily Beauty Tip 3- Treating Sore Puffy Eyes

You can use either tea bags or egg white to cure sore puffy eyes. To use tea bags, keep the tea bags in boiling water for 5- 8 minutes, take them out, let them cool a little, and then put them on your eyes. Also, you can use a sponge to spread whipped egg white on your eyes. Egg white tightens and firms the skin.


10 thoughts on “Daily Beauty Tip 3- Treating Sore Puffy Eyes

  1. Egg looks good in my plate not on my face…. hehehe… but i have tried it once it doesn’t smell bad after u wash it…but the feeling of having a egg white on face :dance: is …ewwwwww….. 😕

  2. Gr8 tips as always…. But egg whites…. No!!!!

    Btw, here’s a tip that works gr8 for me…
    make a small potli of salt in a cotton/muslin cloth, heat it slightly on a tawa and dab gently on the under eye area, puffy eyes vanish in a flash…

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