Daily Beauty Tips 5- Cold Water for Hair

Water too cold for you? Wanna put on that geyser? Think twice. Well, do that if you cannot bear the chill but let your hair experience cold water only. Or better still, alternate your hair wash with hot and cold water, using cold water in the end.

Wonder why there is a cool air button on your dryer? Because cold air, like cold water, closes the cuticle of the hair, locking down the protein from shampoo and conditioner inside your scalp and preventing the dust particle from getting into pores of the scalp. It also makes your hair look healthier and shinier. Also, by closing the cuticles cold water prevents hair from being pulled out while combing.

On the other hand, hot water makes your hair shaft weaker and more vulnerable to dust. Not only that, it also dissolves certain oils, secreted by the scalp, which are good for hair. This causes further dryness. Cold water dos not dissolve these natural oils.

So use cold water for your hair and use that cold air button on your dryer.

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12 thoughts on “Daily Beauty Tips 5- Cold Water for Hair

  1. Oooh… Can’t use cold water for my hair… Too chilly…

    But I do use cool setting on my hair dryer for normal drying
    Use heat only if i am setting my hair for some special occasion or something

  2. I cant use cold water to wash hair so I use lukewarm water but I always use cold water for the last rinse…I have read somewhere that this adds shine to hair

  3. I read just yesterday somewhere that even cold water harms the cuticles. Hot water of course is not good, leaves my hair very dry. I guess I’ll just stick to regular lukewarm water.

    Nice feature, btw. Enjoy reading these new tips 🙂

  4. I have always used cold water for a head bath…!!
    my skin reacts very badly with hot water so even in winters i use lukewarm water and never hot water.. though id love too..!!!
    But for head bath i use cold water even in winters because my scalp can just not handle hot water at all..!!

  5. My vote is for cold water only. My hair get all frizzy and dry whenever I use hot water. And my last rinse is always with cold wayter- summer or winter. 🙂

  6. Me tooooo!! *oye balle* *oye balle* By God’s grace I have silky, shiny hair which everyone keeps asking me how *happydance* & the only thing I advice them is hair needs cold water !! *happy dance* no one does it though. They say they can’t do that. That’s the only magic formula actually! !! 😛 *oye balle*

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