Daily Beauty Tips 7 : Fresh Face

Tiring day at work and got a party to attend….chill….refrigerate your face mask / scrub for 5 mins before use.  This may sound scary to do but trust me it wakes your skin and gives you an instant fresh look.  – By Lydia


20 thoughts on “Daily Beauty Tips 7 : Fresh Face

  1. Hi Lydia,
    Thanks.Cold reduces puffiness and gives you a fresh face.Along with this wonderful tip,I would like to add another very commonly used trick to make your face look fresh.You can wipe an icecube over your face(this is used mainly before make-up) or alternatively you can use rose water icecubes to achieve a fresh face look.I am sure most of you know about this but just wanted to remind you.

    1. yup, I know the ice tip and always did this back in Mumbai….never thot about adding rose water though….fundoo idea :-)) :-*

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