Daily Beauty Tips : Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you can protect them from further dehydration if you stop blow-drying just before the ends are completely dry. The dehydration takes place during the last few minutes of blow-drying when the water finally leaves the strands.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Beauty Tips : Curly Hair

  1. Hi Rati .. Looking forward for some posts on hair care, straightening, blow drying and heat protectant products 🙂

    1. vinitha wud u be interested in a reveiw of two heat protectant sprays
      toni and guy and some othe germam brand
      nevertheless toni and guy is available in india….

      1. Definitely 🙂 Just googled Tony and Guy, I would love some reviews and also tips on how to protect your hair while using heat products. Thanks a lot!

  2. Talk about curly hair to me. Add frizzy, dry and fairly voluminous! 🙁
    I never blow dry. one tip i picked up from some mag – if u can manage it – after wash, towel dry, put some serum or whatever and when slightly dry, roll it into a bun. Keep it as long as you can or you can use your dryer on it. The trick is that when it dries in that position it holds together and the shape of the bun (curly hair holds styles :)) – it works wonders for me leaving a nicely wavy mane at the end of day.

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