Daily Beauty Tips: Easy Homemade Face Pack

Grind Pudina/mint leaves, neem leaves and cucumber and make a paste
This paste can be stored in refrigerator for a week or so [I haven’t tried for a longer period]
Apply this paste in face for 5 mins and wash with luke warm water.

This gives an instant glow to your face. Cucumber is refreshing, neem helps in reducing acne,pimples and blemishes and pudina is a good moisturizer that also prevents blackheads.

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      1. Not seen where I stay :-(( It might be there, I need to go looking for it though 🙁 Now don’t start off on how wonderful Chennai is…you get everything everwhere…and I will just start crying 😥 . Anyways, I love growing plants so its not a big deal at all..I have curry leaves growing happily so this should too..don’t ask me what’s the connection, but I just feel they would grow very well in containers.

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