Daily Beauty Tips : Open Pores

To unclog your pores, mash fresh papaya an apply on clear skin for 3-4 minutes. Papaya contains enzymes that slough pore-clogging dead cells , leaving skin soft and radiant.


86 thoughts on “Daily Beauty Tips : Open Pores

  1. Applying papaya pulp on my face gives it a stretchy and uncomfortable feeling feeling so cannot use it.By the way,has any of you used Fab India facewashes?Plese let us know how they are.Rima, you mentioned once that you use Fab India face wash.If you are reding this please let us know your experience with Fab India face washes.

    1. RS,

      I love applying papaya on my skin. It’s my wonder product. There is one review on Fab India face wash here : https://makeupandbeauty.com/fab-india-tea-tree-face-wash-review/

      I have also used frankincense face wash from Fab India, I used to like it but fab India face washes have SLS in them. For face I prefer soap free face washes. Otherwise, they are gentle. Dry a little but nothing that a moisturizer cannot take care of.

      Looking forward to read Rima’s review. 🙂

      1. I was never too keen on facials at parlours, and now the frequency has dwindled down to maybe once or twice a year. The only reason I would go is because its nice to have someone massage my face and I can relax, but I get pimples without fail after that and its sooo not worth it…now I think my skin is good enough the way it is with my own care..thank you very much!! The last time I got one at Lakme, I was so unsatisfied with it.

        1. Oh!! my mum also gets pimples when she gets facials so she relies on her home made treatments. I have just got facials done once or twice. Once during my marriage and once or twice at a spa.The one that I got before my marriage was a joke. Spent a bomb to get Shahnaz husain diamond facial and nothing actually happened. There was no glow, nothing.

          But yeah, I would love to get a facial done every once in a while. They are so relaxing. :-))

          I am feeling sleepy at the thought to getting a facial massage. :ZZZ:

  2. 🙂 I love papaya in any form….I have two papaya trees in my house and more are sprouting…..its my best beauty mantra….has anyone notied that it gives a slight bleahing effet with honey…I dont know whether I imagined it but many a times I have notied it…..gee…LOVE PAPAYA

  3. Hey rs…strethy feeling is there…but one you wash your fae…you an just feel the differene….use it with honey….as Rati said..the enymes in papaya work wonders to give a lear skin.

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