Daily Winter Beauty Tips

Daily Winter Beauty Tips

Winter is here! The best part is that winter comes with a lot of promises of fun and outing with friends and family. An oily-skinned beauty loves this season most as it is during these times that she knows that her skin would be the best-behaved chap possible; her skin would glow and there is least to bother about the grime and dirt that bring along not only pimples and acne but also a blotchy and patchy appearance, huh! But then, what about a dry skinned beauty? Definitely, she has to gear up for the nightmarish experiences of irrigating an arid region on her countenance as well as her limbs! But come what may, certain beauty tips come handy during the winters and with regular care, you will be able to tackle this season which has a lot of potential, especially in the plains of a country like India. Wondering how to make the best use of the seasonal benefits of winter? Read on to know the top winter beauty tips.


Top Daily Winter Beauty Tips:

    • Start your day with honey-lemon drink: Take half-a-cup of warm water and add two spoons of honey to it. Squeeze half-a-lemon and stir. Drink this warm and invigorating drink, the first thing on a winter morning and feel good throughout the day. Apart from the feel-good factor, it is known to aid weight loss and helps to promote glowing skin.
    • A daily dose of Amla: Amla is available in plenty during the winters.  They hit the markets with full vigour in the month of November and continue to rule till February. Make the best use of this wonder fruit. It is extremely cheap and very sour in taste; so do not think it is going to be a delicacy! But the truth is that does to your body what many fruits cannot do. Start your day with the juice of one or two amlas and build your immunity in an effective way. Moreover, it promotes clear skin and helps to treat dandruff, which is a common occurrence in the winters.


    • Wash your face wisely: Generally, face washes are heaped with chemicals that rob your skin off the vital moisture. Invest in a creamy face wash which is perfect for winter use. Alternately, eliminate the face wash altogether and switch to the use of besan and milk while washing your face. When this becomes a daily habit, you will find that your skin has a perfect balance and you tend to glow naturally.
    • Creams and oils are must-haves: Indeed, winters are unimaginable without creams, lotions and oils. Depending upon the skin type you are blessed with, choose a lotion or a facial cream to nourish your skin.  Massage your face and neck with a good quality cream twice every day, once in the morning and once while going to bed.  A body oil massage after bath is a necessity. If you feel that pure olive oil or almond oil is going to be too heavy for you, invest in some light body oil and do not forget to rub a small amount of it on damp skin to feel soft throughout the day. Don’t forget to apply foot cream while retiring to bed at night.
    • A daily dose of carrot: Carrots are readily available in winters. Apart from including carrots in your daily winter meals, be it in your favourite salad or a mixed vegetable soup, try making the most of carrots in your beauty regimen too. Make carrot oil and treat your dry skin with this wonder-oil. If you have oily skin, treat your skin with the goodness of a smashed carrot-honey pack.

Safe Drinking Water

  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water every day to stay hydrated during winters, even if you do not feel thirsty.

With these easy tips ready at hand, winters will be a fun season…all the more! Stay beautiful!!

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  2. hey thanks for reminding me of besan n milk…this winter my skin is acting crazy…suddenly it has become so dry with a breakout once in a while!

  3. This looks great Somreeta *happy dance* *happy dance* superb tip of consuming amla… i will tell mom to get them tomorrow *happy dance* *happy dance* however they are really sour but i just love having them *happydance* *happydance*

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