Is Dancing Better than Running?

Weight loss has become a massive craze and so are the associated techniques that are related to achieving it. While jogging and running are the most commonly practiced exercise for weight loss, dancing is also not far behind in this direction. People often get confused about what will help them better in their weight loss journey and whether is dancing better than running? Well, this article will provide an insight into this question and answer your query.

Is Dancing Better than Running

What is So Good About Dancing?
Dancing is the other name of enjoying yourself. When you dance, not only do you engage yourself in some physical activity and sweat out extra calories but it also relieves stress, improves muscle strength, mental performance, boosts physical confidence and makes you cheerful. In addition to your eating habits, the amount of time you engage in any workout determines the weight loss. So, if you want to lose more weight, you have to increase the duration of your dancing routine. Also, the faster you dance, the more calories you burn. Always remember that the number of calories you burn during a certain amount of time is not the same and it differs with different types of dance.

Is Running More Successful in Reducing Weight?
Several studies have revealed that running burns more calories than dancing. In fact, fast running is said to be the best exercise for losing calories. Does that make running the best exercise for all? It would be so early to say so. The type of workout that will suit you depends on your body type, your food habits and lifestyle. If you want to lose weight at a speedy rate, running definitely helps more than any other physical activity. But, it does not suit many when it comes to weight loss. However, if done in the right way and with the right intensity, nothing can beat the power of running in weight loss. The energy expenditure gets raised post a running session and that will help you burn more calories.

Which is Better- Running or Dancing?
Any physical activity aids in weight loss and you can do either of them for the same. But, running comes with a higher risk of injury which is eliminated in dancing workouts. Since running involves a strong movement of your limbs and doesn’t involve other parts of the body much, it should be done under expert guidance. Also, this exercise is something that is not suitable for all age groups. There are also other annoying factors with a running weight loss program like if it rains outside or the weather is wintry, then doing workouts indoors is more favored. These types of problems are eliminated in dancing. Any time anywhere, you can get started with your dancing exercise since it is an indoor workout program. Also, it involves working out the entire body and improves muscle strength. The risk of injury is also less with dancing. So, undoubtedly, what can be better than dancing to lose weight?

So, the answer of today’s question is, Dancing is better than Running. This answer is more of a generalized verdict. Even though both help in losing calories, dancing helps better in more ways than running. The results and intensity of workouts may vary from person to person. If you are more of a fitness freak and are coaching under expert guidance, running will help in speedy weight loss. But if safety, age and all other associated factors are seen, dancing is a better option. Along with that, your lifestyle pattern and food habits are of paramount importance, so focus on that as well. At the end of the day, we would advise you to do what interests you and your mindset. So, choose your workout routine wisely. Hope this article helped you in clearing your doubts.

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