50 Date Ideas For Couples To Add Romance and Spice

1. Go grocery shopping together: Shopping for food and groceries is always fun since you get to load your trolley with all the yummiest things in the world. And you get to know your partner’s food likes and dislikes also.

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2. Gaming zones are always fun!: It brings you closer since either you play together as a team or as opponents, it’s a good option to spend all your time together.

3. Movie nights: This is the best idea to opt for when nothing else works. Book a surprise movie date where you can spend a lot time together.

4. Go on a quiet picnic: Picnic spots are very popular, just carry along some food and board games, and enjoy!

Date Ideas For Couples To Add Romance

5. Day out together! Make a booking in a resort and spend the entire day together playing games, swimming and having buffet.

6. Have a karaoke night at home or at some nearby pub/lounge.

7. Take dance classes together and have a dance date twice/thrice a week.

8. Salon dates! Get manicures, pedicures, facials or hair cut together.

9. Take a long drive together. Sometimes driving together, being in silence and having a look at the outer world is refreshing.

10. Street-food date! This is at times much more enjoyable than going to the restaurants and having expensive food. Jump from one street food item to another and enjoy the day.

11. Make new recipes together: Just one to two hours of cooking session will be the most fun thing that you can do!

12. Hit the beach. Surfing, boating, sitting on the shores, taking a dip or just having a look at the sunset is so romantic.

13. Go the amusement parks/theme parks and bring out the child in you.

14. Go watch a comedy show to add to some humour and fun in your life.

15. Explore new places in your town that both of you haven’t seen earlier.

16. If nothing is feasible, go for the safest option of going on a dinner date or a brunch date.

17. Swimming together in a club or taking the dips and rides in the water-park is the best thing ever especially for summers.

18. Hop onto a bar or a lounge, drink; dance and have fun!

19. Taking a wine tour is something you surely might have not though about. Exploring the vineyards, grape-crushing and tasting all the kinds of wines can be super fun.

20. Do a double date! Ask your friends who are also dating for a double date.

21. To create that filmy romantic date night ever, take your partner for a candle-light dinner on the cruise.

22. Play treasure hunts and hide a surprise gift with each clue.

23. Play board-games and cards and you will not want the date to end.

24. Learn about your family trees! Draw it and explain it your partner and also takes out those photo album bundles to make it more fun.

25. Go to street fairs and flea markets together in your town.

26. Boys love to go on hiking dates and he would be really happy if you accompany him for all those sports activities.

27. Cricket and football matches happen every now and then! Shout, screen, support your favourite team either as a team or rivals.

28. The monument visit date! There might be many popular tourist places in your town, for example monuments or parks that are popular in your city but you might have never visited them. Take a tour.

29. Explore what your partner likes and dislikes by going on a shopping spree. This will help you buy gifts on future dates or special occasions.

30. Recreate your first date!

31. Choose a place to go to and document the entire night just like you are making a movie.

32. Take a bunch of personality quizzes and it will be so much fun to see the results.

33. Role-play as strangers in the lounge/bar.

34. Participate in a marathon together if you both are outdoor people.

35. Go on a coffee date, not all dates have to be fancy. Coffees and doughnuts are great to lighten up the mood.

36. Go to a haunted house/area if you both are adventurous.

37. Go bowling!

38. The fanciest date idea can be going on the hot air balloon with him/her being alone in love and watching the world from the top.

39. Go to a music concert.

40. Watch a play/drama together.

41. Go to the mall and give each other a makeover.

42. Play “Never Have I Ever” and it will reveal too many secrets about your partner.

43. Play “20 questions” and it will reveal so many things about each other.

44. Write love letters for each other.

45. Play poker together.

46. Always wanted to click “couple goals pictures” on your phone or social media? Do it now!

47. Build a bucket list and and follow the list together.

48. Workout together/meditate/call yoga teacher home and do it together.

49. Go bar/restaurant hopping, try out new cuisines.

50. Play a fun childhood game that you used to love!

50 ideas are up, now go ticking the list and add yours too! ☺


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