David Jones Vitamin E Gentle Toner Review

A gentle alcohol free toner that purifies pores whilst energizing and firming skin.Enriched with soothing witch hazel.A Witch Hazel toner and freshener to gently tone, purify and refresh your skin. With it’s delicate rosewater fragrance it helps keep the skin fresh and youthful. Contains no alcohol.


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David Jones Vitamin E Gentle Toner

My sis got this from Oz and I have used it quite a lot now and it is still going strong. The bottle is huge and I have now arrived at a conclusion that this is a very nice toner for dry to normal skin types and it is indeed gentle like it says and alcohol free is a cherry on the cake.

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The toner has witch hazel an wheat germ oil and it looks perfect for dry skin, most toners leave that soft layer of glycerin on skin, that is toners without alcohol that are meant for oily skin, that rip the oil and moisture off the skin. But in this case, the toner is not those kinds, it does not have alcohol so it does not leave the skin dry or it does not look like it has ripped the moisture off, in fact it does not leave skin squeaky and kind of leaved a layer on the skin . hence I say it is not so ideal for oily skin.

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It is indeed gentle, it does not have any sensation when applied, and it does not sting, there is hardly any fragrance to it and I think hence it is a great toner for sensitive skin as well, it really does feel very gentle and light and does not make skin oily but it does not feel all that great for oily skin.


I like to use it when the weather is dry, hence it works like a moisturizer for me as well, since oily skin does not need more oil to it, you need to use very little and dont expect it will brighten your skin but it feels more like it nourishes your skin,i can only imagine how much dry skin would love it.It does not leave a very sticky feel but yes it does feel like some kind of layer on the skin, for me it does not leave skin shine free but again it makes for a great toner for dry skin.

I could not notice any pore size reduction, left over makeup can be seen as this is the third step I do after makeup removal, dont expect it to be a strong cleanser or pore clarifier but just fine for normal or dry skin. Oily skin needs something stronger.

IMBB Rating:

3.75/5 Great for dry, normal and sensitive skin.


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  1. I love such gentle toners *happydance* vitamin E looks good *haan ji* but i think gentle toner wouldn’t work out that great for me as i have oily skin *headbang*

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