Davidoff Cool Water Tender Sea Rose Eau De Toilette Review

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Davidoff Cool Water Tender Sea Rose Eau De Toilette

Price: INR 4,895 100ml

Packaging: This perfume comes in the typical Davidoff transparent flacon flask bottle with rose illustrations on it. The perfume has a mild pinkish tint to it. The cap fits securely and it is convenient for travelling. Only the name of the brand and the fragrance is mentioned on the bottle.The bottle is packed into a rosy pink cardboard box. The ingredients are mentioned on the box. This perfume is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100 ml variants.

Ingredients :


About Tender Sea Rose: This new launch from Davidoff belongs to the Cool Water collection which succeeds Sea Rose from 2013, Sea Rose Coral Reef Edition from 2014 and Sea Rose Summer Seas from 2015. This fragrance was created by perfumer Nathalie Lorson. The fragrance was inspired by the first rays of sun in early morning twinkling on the sea water surface. As the sun arises, a girl kneels down on the shore surrounded by luminous light and tempts the most intimate moment of the day: her secret meeting with the sea.’Fragrance DAVIDOFF COOL WATER TENDER SEA ROSE is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette from July 2015

Top Note: The top note is characterized by Grapefruit.
Middle note: The middle note is more of feminine floral scents of elegant roses and jasmine.
Base Note: base note is characterized by musk imparting sensuality.

My Experience with Davidoff Cool Water Tender Sea Rose Eau De Toilette:

Let me first give you my background when it comes to perfumes. Basically I am not much into perfumes and my friends gifted me HUGO Red few years back and I am still using it. I am not sure if there is anyone out there who is like me or may find this strange. I do not like women perfumes. I find them too sweet and floral smelling and I start getting migraine with such smells. I am more drawn towards men perfumes. So I would not even make any efforts to go out and find any good ones from the women’s perfume range and I generally let my husband pick one for me. So over the time I have realized that I am more comfortable with perfumes having either musk or coming from the aqua family.

Recently when I visited Sephora the SA showed me this Davidoff Cool Water Tender Sea Rose. Now I have heard a lot about the Cool Water range and was tempted to try it out. Because it has this musk base note which not only imparts amazing sensuality but also softens the bright grapefruit and also tones down the floral sweetness of roses and jasmines. And that’s the reason why I went ahead and bought this one immediately.


The notes are so well blended that it gives an amazing sensual fragrance which is not very sweet smelling and makes you feel very fresh. This one is very apt for summers and was rightly launched around the summers but I feel it will very well go throughout the year. The staying power is really good and I used it in the morning before going to work and it stayed on till I had bath next morning.

Now I have this little bad habit of spraying my perfumes on the dress as well along with spraying it on the sides of the neck, folds of the hands, wrists. And trust me the fragrance was on my dress until I sent it to the laundry 2 days later. Now one thing that I noticed is that when you spray this perfume all the notes are actively strong and can be identified easily, but after say 5-6 hours the sweetness tones down to a great extent and the base note of musk is dominantly identifiable. Also after around 10 -12 hours only musk is identifiable from all the notes. I personally kind of love it this way.

Tender Sea Rose does not have very overpowering smell and hence ones with very sensitive nose will love this one. Perfumes are always a product I believe to be bought only after self-trial and the selection very much depends on the person’s personality. I love musk’s and this one is my current favorite.

Pros of Davidoff Cool Water Tender Sea Rose Eau De Toilette:

• Great blend of grapefruit and floral tones.
• Sensual musk base note.
• Seductive smell.
• Brings freshness.
• Does not have overpowering smell.
• Very long lasting.
• Pretty feminine look of the bottle.
• Travel friendly.

Cons of Davidoff Cool Water Tender Sea Rose Eau De Toilette:

• Glass bottle, need careful handling.
• I really don’t know if this one is pricey or not and I will let the readers decide it as per their usual range of perfumes.

IMBB Rating: Would rate this 4.9/5.
Would I Recommend Davidoff Cool Water Tender Sea Rose Eau De Toilette?
Yes. But do try it out first in person.

Would I Repurchase Davidoff Cool Water Tender Sea Rose Eau De Toilette?
Yes. It is difficult for me to find ones which suit my abstract needs and hence I will like to stick to this one now since I am liking it.

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