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I love perfumes and I keep stocking them quite often. I had picked up this one long ago and almost after 2 months I am writing a review. Today’s review is all about Davidoff Cool Water Wave Woman EDT. Read on to know more.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau De Toilette Review

Price and Quantity: $36 for 100 ml
Product Description:
Cool Water Wave perfume by Davidoff is a fresh fragrance for women that evokes the purity of water yet delivers a distinct soft, sensual and feminine personality. Perfumer Philippe Bousseton created this floral and fruity cocktail inspired by Aphrodite. With its freshness Davidoff Cool Water Wave reminds you of pure, crystal water. It starts with summer notes of juicy, fresh and sweet watermelon that blends with the notes of passionate fruits of mango and guava with floral accords of freesia, datura, pink pepper, peony and corn. In the base of this seductive fragrance there are sandalwood, iris and amber. This tear-shaped bottle was designed by Elie Papiernik. Its iridescent ocean blue color seduces modern, elegant and sophisticated women all over the world.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau De Toilette Ingredients

My Experience with Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau De Toilette:

The EDT comes in a sealed cardboard package. The ombre design of the package is great. There is very little information on the package. The ingredient list is present on the back of the pack. The perfume sits perfectly in the box. The perfume is blue ombre tear-shaped glass bottle.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau De Toilette Outer Packaging

The nozzle is silver colored and has a blue plastic cap. The cap shuts with a click and is perfect. I love the shape very much. The color combination makes it look like an ocean wave, and it is great! The bottle is lightweight and not very bulky. It is a great travel companion.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau De Toilette for Women

The top notes of the perfume are fruity; the middle notes are floral; the base notes are musky. The perfume is available in 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles. The EDT is fresh and feminine. It has a typical Davidoff scent. Davidoff is mainly famous for men’s perfumes and there is a hint of masculinity in this perfume as well.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau De Toilette Packaging

Wave has this fresh ocean scent. The perfume opens with a fruity fragrance of watermelon and guava. It is a bit fruity and reminds me of these fruity gums. It then smells of peony and freesia. The smell of peony is very dominating and it masks all the other scents. The perfume then settles to a musky, amber and sandalwood like smell. It usually also smells of mangoes and this is something I do not like. It kind of smells like natural mangoes.

I usually like musky fragrances and this one is musky too. The smell is pretty mild and not very intimidating. This makes it great for everyday wear and casual outings. The perfume is not for your special days. I feel this is a unisex fragrance, which makes it suitable for both men and women.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau De Toilette Bottom

Since it is an EDT, I didn’t expect much on longevity but still I was a bit disappointed. It hardly stays on for 2 hours and then completely fades away. Even though it doesn’t stain, my clothes kind of smells like pharmaceuticals after a few days. It puts me off. Since it is a refreshing fragrance it is a good summer perfume.

It completely eliminates body odor and you smell fresh throughout the day. I have decided to use this perfume only for this property. I have been using Burberry Brit Rhythm as my daily wear perfume. Overall, if you are looking for a fresh fragrance that is unisex, you could pick this one up. But, it is not a must-buy.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau De Toilette Cap

So, summing up:

Pros of Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau De Toilette:

• Unisex fragrance.
• Settles into a musky fragrance.
• Sealed packaging.
• Amazing design.
• Fresh, ocean-like fragrance.
• Mild and not very intimidating.
• Eliminates body odor for a day.
• A mix of fruity, floral and musky fragrance.
• Cheaper compared to other Davidoff perfumes.

Cons of Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau De Toilette:

• Longevity is pretty bad.
• Smells like medicines on clothes!
• Not a special day perfume.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau De Toilette?
Not a must-buy and I wouldn’t buy the fragrance again.

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