Day To Night Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Day To Night Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Day To Night Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

For many of us, a regular struggle is to change a day eye makeup look to night makeup look, especially when time is of the essence. On days where I’m constricted time wise, I skip removing my liner and concealer around my eyes and just apply makeup over it. I use gel liners, removing them can leave behind a dark cast or you need an oil-based remover to completely remove any traces of color which makes the skin oily, requiring a wash and so on and so forth. Point is, I want to save time and energy, so I use this method on such days, eliminating several cleansing steps. The following tutorial can be used with any color scheme, here I used the Urban Decay Naked Palette to do a soft-smokey look that is easy to achieve but still looks like you spent a lot of time getting it done. The trick to achieving such a look is using at least 3 colors of the same family with different levels of intensity. Apply the lightest first, blend it well, then apply the darker over it and repeat till you are happy with the results. Also, the strokes made while blending should be longer for the first color and should keep getting shorter as more colors are applied over it, so that the area the darker color occupies is lesser than the previous lighter color occupies (hope that made sense!). Let’s talk about each step in this look in more detail.

Products Used:

Day To Night Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Day To Night Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Brushes Used:

More than the exact brush used in a tutorial, for any look what is important for me is the size and shape of the brushes, so I will mention for what purpose I used which brush.

  • Urban Decay Brush (that comes with the palette), the fluffier side was used to pat regular compact over the primer and then for blending the colors Toasted and Hustle. Then flat side was used to apply a mix of Sin and Virgin in the inner half of the eye and for the brow bone colors.
  • E.L.F Small Precision Brush was used to apply the colors Hustle, Dark Horse and Creep in a triangular shape in the outer corner.
  • ELF Professional Blending Eye Brush was used to blend out Dark Horse and Creep.
  • The Liner brush is a stationery paint brush which says “3 Fine Art Taklon S-412” on it. (A stationery/art store is a great place to find many makeup brushes).

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1:

If you already have an eyeshadow on from the morning, just wipe it off with a cotton bud lightly, you need not be too precise with it (as long as the eyeshadow you had on is a light shade). Since I had just a liner on, I didn’t need to wipe away anything here.

Step 2:

Apply a primer; here I used Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden.

Step 3:

Blend out the primer and pat a very small amount of your regular compact on it, this allows the shadows to blend easily.

Day To Night Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Step 4 and 5:

I then applied the shade “Toasted” just in my crease and blended it out to give a soft definition in there, this also makes a good transition color when other colors are applied below it.

Step 6 and 7:

Next, I used Hustle and applied it in the crease, I used very small strokes to blend it out as I wanted the darker color to remain in the crease and the outer 1/3rd triangle of the eye. To deepen the triangular shape in the outer corner, apply color again using a precise brush just where you want the shape to be prominent and blend over it with light strokes. This way the darkest color is towards the outside corner and fades in towards the center.

Step 8 and 9:

Repeat the above process with the shade Dark Horse, while blending it should be kept in mind to use smaller strokes than the previous shade’s blending so that the smokey effect is more prominent. In other words, the area that a darker color occupies is lesser than the previous lighter shade.

Day To Night Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Step 10:

Repeat the same blending with the darkest color, Creep. I applied the dark colors very lightly, hence the soft-smokey effect.

Step 11:

Using a mix of the shades Sin and Virgin, I applied it in the inner corner, blending it well with the previously placed Creep.

Step 12:

Day To Night Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Last step is all about finishing the look, I applied black gel liner, kajal, some mascara and a mix of the shade Virgin and my face powder compact as my brow bone highlight.

I hope this was helpful and until next time, Happy Makeuping!

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