Daytime Hair Care Routine for Special Occasions

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By Chanchala Bose

Everyone gets excited about the festive and wedding seasons. We start shopping and stocking up on our favorite makeup products. But, what about your hair? During these seasons, we style our hair a lot and that takes a toll on it. Today, let me rescue you. In this post, I am showing your five ways through which you can pamper and ready your hair for those special occasions. You can try these tips separately or mix and match, as you desire.


A Pampering Hair Care Mask

A hair care mask is a perfect hair remedy. For dry hair types, like mine, take a bowl full of milk, add some drops of lemon to it and then apply all over your hair. Keep this on for half an hour and rinse to see beautiful hair. For oily and normal hair types, curd application is perfect for your hair. You can mix various ingredients in your curd hair mask to get added benefits.

Oil Your Hair


Women on the Indian subcontinent have been pampering their hair with various oils since ages. So before an important event, give your hair a pampering oil massage. You can opt for moisturising and nourishing natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil.

Scalp Scrubbing

Have you ever thought of giving your scalp a nice exfoliating treatment? Soak some methi seeds in water for a few hours. Apply these seeds on your scalp and massage. Let it sit for some time and then rinse with water. This will cleanse your scalp and revive your hair. Plus, will lead to improved hair growth in the long run.

Try Yoga for Hair

You should try some yoga asanas for your hair. Try sasakasana, ustrasana and vajrasana. This will increase the blood circulation and your hair will turn healthy and beautiful in no time.

Steam Your Hair


How about treating your hair to a luxurious steam session? If you do not have the proper steamer at home, try this: boil a big bowl of water, let it cool down a bit and then dip a towel into it. Now squeeze extra water and wrap this towel for an ultimate steam session. Repeat once or twice as the towel begins to cool down. You will see the immediate shine and bounce in your hair by the time it dries.

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