Deborah Dermolab Express Cleansing Water Review

Deborah Dermolab Express Cleansing Water

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a super quick review of the Deborah Dermolab Express Cleansing Water that I have been using for the past couple of months. I always wear pretty heavy eye makeup which makes it important for me to use an effective and quick eye makeup remover everyday. I picked up this product as I have used Deborah products before – the lipsticks and BB cream and quite liked them. Let’s see how it worked for me!

Deborah Dermolab Express Cleansing Water


Rs. 525

Product Description: A no-rinse makeup remover wash, ideal for removing even hard-to-budge makeup quickly. Formed with ‘Micelles’ (Micro bubbles of cleansing ingredients) that instantly capture makeup and grime.
Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid Nano-Vector to strike the ideal balance between cleansing and respecting the skin.

Instructions: Spray onto a clean cotton pad and wipe over eyes, face, and neck. Suitable for all skin types.

Packaging: It comes in a large plastic bottle with a nozzle pump for spraying the water. Its very convenient to use and controls the amount of product required. The bottle is not very compact or travel friendly though and comes with a transparent plastic cap.

Deborah Dermolab Express Cleansing Water 3

My Experience with Deborah Dermolab Express Cleansing Water:

I am someone who is very very finicky about removing every last trace of makeup before I go to bed. Even I am out partying and completely sloshed, I don’t forget to remove my makeup – true story!!!! – Ok that was a bit exaggerated, but yes, it is something I follow religiously 😀
I was a little bored of my cream cleansers – the FabIndia lavender cleanser and the Clinique cleanser. However, when I saw this no rinse makeup remover I thought I’d give it a try.Its texture is just like water with fresh floral fragrance, pretty easy to use – I just have to spray 3-4 pumps onto a cotton pad and swipe it over my eyes and face.

But alas, this product was such a disappointment! To be fair it does a decent job of removing regular makeup like BB creams and cream lipsticks. However, when it comes to heavy coverage foundations, or waterproof makeup and matte lipsticks, it doesn’t live up to the mark. Below, I have swatched the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal which is waterproof and smudgeproof, and Mac Impassioned and Ruby Woo lipsticks that are matte.
Deborah Dermolab Express Cleansing Water 2

You can see from pics  that it doesn’t remove these completely with one swipe. Even after repeatedly swiping the solution over the swatches in Pics 3 & 4 you can see that the lipsticks came off, but the kajal did not come off very well.

I have also tried placing the cotton pads over my eyes for 30 seconds or so and then swiping them, but no luck there!

Pros of Deborah Dermolab Express Cleansing Water:

 Convenient packaging with a spray nozzle that is easy to use
 Contains Hyaluronic acid which is good for oily skin
 The fragrance is very refreshing and doesn’t irritate at all.
 The solution itself is very mild and leaves skin without any sort of oiliness or stickiness
 Good for removing light makeup – like BB creams, TMs, and regular creamy lipsticks and glosses.
Deborah Dermolab Express Cleansing Water 4

Cons of Deborah Dermolab Express Cleansing Water:

 It doesn’t work very well on waterproof/smudgeproof makeup, heavy foundations, and matte lipsticks. You need to swipe your cotton repeatedly over it and this caused a lot of redness and itchiness on my skin. I’d rather use a cream cleanser and be done with it!
 Even after using this I need to use a face wash and then also when I use my toner I can see the last traces of makeup come out on the cotton pad!

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5

Overall verdict:

If you use light makeup, especially on the eyes daily and don’t like using cream cleansers, then you can give it a try. But you would have to wash your face after using this in any case as it doesn’t remove all traces of makeup. So, I’d recommend pick up a cream cleanser instead, or something like the BioDerma cleansing solution which is much more effective. Not recommended at all!

Hope you liked the review!

Have a great evening everyone!


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  1. Thanks for the review aarbee.. I had also seen this in the counyer recently.. But did not buy it..i ll skip this now for sure..

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