Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color Review

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Today I am reviewing “Terra Nova”, a different shade from Deborah Lippmann Creme Nail Color collection. Terra Nova is an earthy creme shade. It is a warm camel brown shade or dijon mustard or toffee frappuccino; a tricky shade. 😀 To know more, please continue to read.

Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color Review5

Product Description:
Deborah Lippmann’s luxurious treatment enriched nail colours are formulated with biotin, green tea extract and aucoumea. Do not contain toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate). No animal testing.

Instructions for Use:
Roll gently between palms before use; to warm the product
Starting from the centre of your nail; apply a fine coat from the nail bed to the edge
Repeat for a rich colour and shiny finish
For a chip free manicure use with deborah lippmann base coat and top coat

Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color Review8

Price: £16 for 15 ml
This nail color comes in a glass bottle with a black cap, packaged in a decent transparent plastic box. The shape of the bottle and the cap is designed in such a way that it can be easily held between fingers. The brush is specially designed smaller in size to enable easy application.

My Experience with Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color:

Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color Review1

Terra Nova by Deborah Lippmann is a warm crème nail colour. It is a rich classic creamy shade that is easily wearable during day and night both. This warm shade offers full coverage and, in my opinion, is wearable in all seasons. This shade is good for official, occasional and regular wear. This one is fade resistant, long lasting and does not chip. As advised by the company, applying a protective base and top coats give a rich and even colour. However I am too lazy to apply base coat or top coat.

Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color Review2

Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color Review

In my opinion, this is a rich creamy shade and two coats give an opaque look to the nails. Terra Nova stays easily for a week without fading or chipping; however it needs time to dry. It gives an even smooth texture and a glossy shine to my nails. Terra Nova can be described as a warm camel brown or a dijon mustard shade. This shade tends to lean towards yellow or brown depending on our skin tone. On my moderately fair skin, this shade looks like a toffee frappuccino coffee from Starbucks.

Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color Review3

Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color Review6

The colour is lovely and the formula is an absolute perfection for the best manicured effect. This is a unique shade, which is neutral and warm. The fact that Deborah Lippmann nail lacquers do not contain any harmful ingredients and is a cruelty free brand inclines me to buy these lovely nail lacquers. All the more, I am in love with their creamy variety of shades.

Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color Review7

Pros for Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color:

• Terra Nova is a lovely, warm, neutral shade which delivers an opaque, streak free finish
• Creamy texture gives a smooth finish and glossy shine to the nails
• Contains strengthening aucoumea, cell generating biotin and green tea
• Free from formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl
• Two coats give an opaque finish to the nails
• Long lasting, fade resistant and does not chip
• Company claims this versatile shade will flatter all skin tones
• Paraben and sulfate free
• Company claims not to test or experiment on animals

Cons for Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color:

• In my opinion, this shade varies on different skin tones

Would I Recommend Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova Creme Nail Color?
I am in love with these creamy nail colors from Deborah Lippmann. I would surely recommend to everyone. I would advise you to try this shade on your nails before buying though.

IMBB Rating:5/5

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